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By zedhatch
I hate to say it, but I missed all those but Gasconno, and he ended up losing an arm. In other words somehow this repack set is actually worth my time, ironic isn't it.
By stroebel83
the pit droids would be understandable, it would be nice if they included the folder version as well
I'll be getting this set. I already have all of the Podracers except Clegg Holdfast(missed out on him a couple of years ago), but I dig the characters that are included, it never hurts to have duplicates of a few of them and the window box looks so cool. Plus, the Podracer and Astro Droid sets are so much cooler and a thousand times more worthwhile than the other Battle Packs that are coming out at roughly the same time. Those are snoozers...and that's being generous.
I'd like to see the Watto's Box Cinema Scene(2000) figure retooled slightly with different wings and released in a future wave(3?) of the Movie Heroes line, provided it even lasts that long. That is probably the go-to Watto from the 1999-2002 period, which coincidentally was the last time we got a 3-3/4" Watto in any of the Hasbro lines if you don't count that one lone Droid Factory 2-pack from 2008 or 2009.

Package him with some tools and his little datapad, only give them a newer paint job. A single-carded Watto hasn't been on store pegs in almost an entire decade. He's an important enough character in the first prequel to warrant at least some renewed attention, and he's certainly more welcome and interesting than another stupid Super Battle Droid or Clone with jetpack.


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