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I have loose multiples of that one. It was the last single-carded Watto we've gotten, and dates from late 2002. A "new" Watto for the Movie Heroes line could incorporate two sets of wings(in-flight, motionless), that same clear stand you see above and the body of the Cinema Scene Watto with a small hole drilled into his back to accommodate the stand. I'd buy him! :wink:
The box set looks good...but I'm wondering: are those racing flags made from colored paper or some sort of thin fabric? They look like paper.
Meh. I'll still get the set anyways. I'm more concerned with the figures than the flags anyways. The flags are just colorful little extras tossed in for background filler. :wink:
I added some boxed and a loose shot with the flags to our facebook page. The flags, while plastic, are disappointing as they are a very thin acetate sheet and seem kind of cheap, but I like that the figures include them so it's kind of a wash.
darth_sidious wrote:Hey Jayson, were there any deco changes? The only one that strikes me as slightly different is Teemto.

Minimal changes. There will be side by side shots coming soon.

Comparison shots added
So, just the most mininal of paint app differences then. I figured as much. The first photos they made public didn't make it seem like anything had really been changed. Look like Dud Bolt might have a brighter shade of blue on his belly and a couple of other spots but that's about it.
They don't look GREAT. But they're not all that bad either. In this day and age I suppose asking for fabric flags might have been too much, and even if they did include them it'd probably drive the price of the boxed set up about ten bucks or so and make it more cost-prohibitive for a lot of people.
A shame I don't possess those skills myself. :D Anyways, which is your favorite figure in the set? For me it'd be a close contest between Clegg Holdfast and Dud Bolt. The only character that sort of bores me is Gasgano, and that's only because I saw a million of him when he was first out over a decade ago. Gasgano was a pretty bad pegwarmer from the original wave of Episode I figures.

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