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Stay eagle-eyed about those Podracers. The set is definitely worth getting when you finally see it.

A bunch of slightly-tweaked repacks or not, this is one helluva neat multipack. Well worth the price per figure. :wink:
Well, after opening Mawhonic, and looking at his flag, I decided that I'm not going to get the Podracer pilot pack unless my son goes bonkers for these guys and then I could get a set for him and save it for his birthday.

I've already got the aliens from years past, and think the flags are okay, but not enough to put this over the top for me. If the flags were fabric, then I'd be in. But the Mawhonic one just doesn't win me over with the material they used.

Really, $20 or $30 being spent on this isn't a wise way to spend my money if it's figures that I already have and don't like the flags. That money is better spent on formula for my 5-month old daughter, or pull-ups for my 4-year old son. Having a second kid is really starting to make me cut back on things that I don't feel I need to fork over more money for. It would pretty much be nothing more than a repeat purchase, and having flags that I don't even like... no thanks Hasbro.

That's understandable, man. If I had a wife and kids I might feel the exact same way about getting some Hasbro items. On the bright side, at least you found Mawhonic. His race flag might not live up to expectations, but the figure himself looks magnificent...even if he's tiny. I'm looking forward to seeing him in the next 24 hours.
My Toys 'R' Us put more Podracer sets out earlier today. Eight more on a new endcap, six on the shelf in the STAR WARS action figure aisle and six more on the big Episode I display at the front of the store.
My TRU has it for $19.99 too. I already have it but I'm seriously considering getting a second set for openers. I was originally going to do so last month but balked and never got a second one. This time might be different. The sale lasts until the end of March so there's plenty of time to grab one if I still want it.
The $19.99 sale didn't seem to make a dent in these.

After that, TRU has something like a month long sale for $22.99 on these.

Still not moving. I think Hasbro conned TRU pretty bad on this into thinking that more people would want these. Most of these figures pegwarmed in the past... too bad TRU couldn't go back in time and see that every figure in these sets collected dust at their stores when they were on single cards back in the day.

If Hasbro had included just ONE new figure in this set (like Elan Mak), then I don't think TRU would have taken such a bad bath in these.

I went ahead and got a second set for openers when they were still $19.99. Five figures, five podracing flags and five stands for one Andrew Jackson and some change is a really good deal, and opened up they make for a really nifty little display holding their flags. But for full price a second set wouldn't have been worth least I don't think so. Some of my TRU's stash sold when the sale price was in effect, but not many. There are still quite a few of them still littering the shelves underneath the Vintage Collection pegs.
I wonder if future podracers will come with flags now. Hasbro could have put flags with Ratts Tyerell and Ben Quadinaros if they wanted to but opted instead for repainted Pit Droids. Now that we've gotten eight podracing flags spread across three sets of packaging(Podracer Pilots, Mos Espa Arena and Mawhonic) I don't know if Hasbro intends to keep making them. I don't think there are any more podracers on the immediate horizon so it's probably a moot discussion at the moment.

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