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$79.99 for a big motorized, electronic vehicle with sound effects and a whopping 21 pack-in figures (even if sixteen of them are basically statues with one moving arm and a head you can wiggle a little) ? Definitely. That's a bargain considering that the four 5-POA Battle Droids alone would probably run about $32 - $40 all by themselves if they were sold individually carded.
Never bought one of these...'til now. :D

100_6806 - Copy.JPG

I finally added this to my growing CIS army.
I have been watching these at my local Marshall's for a few weeks now debating on getting one.
When I saw them marked down, that was it. $59. I couldn't pass it up. I got all 3.
With all those MTTs and rows of droids that is going to be quite the wide and special diorama presentation. It might be a whole lot of fun to see!
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