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I think my TRU just put more of them on the shelf. I called out there earlier and they said they'd restocked "the big brown vehicle in the huge, long box."
My TRU still had two or three of the Troop Transports left the other day for the $129.99 sale price but I don't know if they're budging. That's as cheap as TRU is ever going to sell them short of a major liquidation so this will be the best shot some people ever have....many Targets and Walmarts just aren't bothering with the thing.
I sort of hope so. I would happily grab another one for seventy or eighty dollars considering the features and the slew of pack-in figures you get for it.

Let's hope they're sensible enough to do a 50% Off or greater sale on what's left of these.
this thing is what broke me of my habit of buying one to open and another to keep in the box

I opened the one I have and I'm happy with how many I have

of course that's not to say I wont buy another if I win the Powerball.... :shock:
MTT is on clearance for $64.50 at walmart until 3/3/13. I snapped this image tonight at one of my local stores:

I hit three Wal-Marts today looking for this on clearance. Right before Christmas, these stores had at least a combined 10 MTT's on the shelf - today, nada! All sold through. I'm glad that I bought one when I did a while back... and I know a lot of people turned their noses up on this item, but it apparently did just fine. And I'm glad it did. It deserved to. It's a great toy and by far the most kick ass item of 2012.

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