Non-Vintage and non-Clone Wars products featuring the Darth Maul, Yoda and Vader packaging design

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Have not seen this set (nor the Mos Espa one) in the wild at any of the wallys that I visit. I am glad that I ordered through the site with free shipping to home. I opened this set a few nights ago and noticed that most of the droids suffer from the "one leg shorter than the other" syndrome :? or is it just my set? :oops:
I haven't opened mine, but the way some of the droids are wedged into their packaging tray it appears there's some slight bending and warping of some of the legs. I imagine this would result in lopsided droids. A few of mine look like they have slightly bent legs. One of my R2-D2s has both legs bowing in the middle, his feet splaying outwards a tad.

I love the BAD molds, but let's face facts. As awesome as these droids are, they're made from inferior plastic.
Pop their legs, throw them in some boiling water for a bit then let them cool naturally. The plastic's memory should return them to their intended shape.
It wont ruin them at all, its an old customizing trick used to take figures apart, but it also corrects warped / bent plastic. Same goes for a figures hands that may have been damaged by those stupid clear rubberbands - the hot water makes them bounce back to their original form.

As for this set - I still have not picked it up, I'm hesitating because I already have 3 of the figures / characters - not sure I need doubles of astro droids...
darth_sidious wrote:As for this set - I still have not picked it up, I'm hesitating because I already have 3 of the figures / characters - not sure I need doubles of astro droids...

In spite of the inferior quality of the Build-A-Droid plastic, I personally think they're worth it. In terms of the paint job alone this might be THE best 3-3/4" R2-D2 that Hasbro's ever given us. And it never hurts to have R2-N3 as it's the first time he's ever been produced(I know a lot of people are mistaking him for R2-A6, but this figure is not him). The BAD molds have their weaknesses but in terms of looking like their movie counterparts you're not gonna get any better for the time being. I recommend picking this up if you can find it. :wink:
Here's one of my two Royal Starship Droids sets. The legs on these aren't as bent or pushed inwards as the ones on my other set. This is the better looking of the two sets.

DarthEddie wrote:Still no sign of any more of these at the two Walmarts I just visited.

That sucks man.. I dont think I will ever find these at retail. May have to purchase from an etailer or the bay.. I was hoping for would have them up again but I guess not.. :(
The cheapest sets on eBay run in the $30-$40 price range. And with eBay there's no ironclad guarantee that the packages will be in good shape, even if you're an opener. To me it's the principle of the thing. Even if you're going to open it, the package should show up in relatively decent condition.
Still no sign of them here. Watch 'em show up at some discount store like Mitchell's, Ross or TJ Maxx about a year from now. :roll: I know I shouldn't complain because I have two sets, but I'd still like to see them show up again so other collectors as well as kids can have a shot at them. What's the point of hyping some exclusives if you get one or two cases of them and that's it???
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