Non-Vintage and non-Clone Wars products featuring the Darth Maul, Yoda and Vader packaging design

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By YAK_Jayson
Correct. These are just refresh cases of early 2012 MH figures. No light ups or cancelled wave 4 figures
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By DarthEddie
Boy did you ever say it.

Movie Heroes Wave 1 might go down as the worst single wave of basic action figures in the entire history of the modern Star Wars line.
Hasbro knows what a mess that first wave of MH figures were - why would they "refresh" the assortment and offer new cases? I try to give them the benefit of the doubt - but they overproduced these because they thought TPM in 3D would have been a bigger deal and they'd be able to move any SW figure - that was not the case. The demand for the first wave was low to begin with - why would they frak it up again after accepting their initial failure? How about getting figures to us that we've never seen at retail instead of figures that have been pegwarming for a year already...
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By YAK_Chewie
The easy thing would be to just call them idiots (which may in fact be accurate).

My thoughts are they already had all these figures produced. And this is why we're not seeing the 2013 product hitting the US. Hasbro way overshot the demand for the absolute JUNK in the first wave.

Really, why do the people that make these awful decisions still have jobs? Instead, they dump the people who are not accountable for the failures at Hasbro. I guess we see that al the time in the corporate world - but when it's this blatantly obvious, it really irks me.

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By DarthEddie
It's a wonder the Star Wars line is even alive after the Grade-Z level decisions we saw come out of the company last year. They either can't get case assortments into stores or structure them so they contain complete junk nobody wants. Hasbro used to know what it was doing, and I'm sorry but there's only so much one can pin on a lousy economy and changing toy buying habits.

There comes a point where blaming the consumer for bad sales becomes an infuriating insult to intelligence and stops being tolerable and cute.
One super market here are selling these for £1.04, a new low! Really are the worst line of all time.
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By DarthEddie
At least it's Wave Two. That says a lot even if many folks still aren't very excited about them.

These figures are platinum or gold compared to the junk in Wave 1.
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By DarthEddie
Boy, you got that right. MH Wave 1 just might be the single worst and sloppiest action figure assortment in the entire modern Star Wars era.
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