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By DarthEddie
Wave Three, then. My bad. Considering that the Scuba Trooper and Anakin have yet to surface anywhere in my area it's easy to get confused. Wave 1 is still cluttering the shelves without a single solitary sign of anything newer than January 30th.
Well the scuba and fighter appeared here with more wave 1 vehicles so it could be case your seeing the repacks and the new ones have been sold?
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By DarthEddie
Entirely possible. I don't look at the Class I Vehicles every day or every single time I'm in the toy aisles, so the Scuba Trooper and Anakin might very well have shown up and sold out without me ever knowing it. You know how some new product is...blink and you'll miss it, never to be seen again. :?
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By DarthEddie
A couple of days ago I called my collector buddy Justin to ask if he'd seen Movie Heroes Wave 2, more 3-D Battle Packs or the new Class I vehicles and he said no. He makes more toy runs than I do and goes to more stores across a wider area than I'm capable of visiting, and if he hasn't seen or heard of new stuff trickling in or showing up in full force then nobody has. Like Chewie just said, it's just another example of Hasbro's atrocious distribution. :roll:
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By DarthEddie
There's still no visible sign of Wave 2 of the Fleet Vehicles around here. Still plenty of BARCs, STAPs and Sith Speeders though. They couldn't give those away.
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