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The second of the two new Darth Maul figures slated for early 2012, this one from the Movie Heroes collection. He is shipping in Wave 2 (which has the light up Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon). Don't know if these are available on January 30th, but should be shortly after if not.


So, slashing action, like the deluxe one from 1999. Similar in design except with this one you squeeze his legs together instead of a button on his back.


Sculpt is decent, not as well done as the Vintage, but I see a lot of people liking the head better as the horns are smaller and he's making his angry face. I personally like the vintage better as it looks like they tried to capture Ray Park where this one is just being Darth Maul with no regard to Park's likeness. Paint apps on the horns are way better, but the face and eyes are not good. Did not even try to get the tattoos on his face right. Also don't care for the silver on the buckles on his boots, as the real boots do not have any metal showing.


Saber is a new sculpt, done similar to the one from 1999 where the flares at the ends are not sticking up as much to enable more movement when slashing. Does have flared ends, but still think the blades are too short.


I know people are wondering if the head and gauntlet are interchangeable with the vintage, and they sort of are. Will require some mods to work. Head socket is too large on this head, and I had to use a little blue tack to make it fit. Gauntlet has the opposite problem, socket is much smaller but when heated up will fit. If it is to be a permanent fixture, a little dremeling will be needed.


those look great. thanks for taking the time and giving us such a great review.. The only thing I dont like about the movie hero version is the lack of movement on the shoulders but other then that the figure looks great. Also it will make an excellent part donor for customs and to make your ultimate maul.. I personally prefer the vintage figure. :wink:
Great pics! I'm not too terribly excited by the 2012 Movie Heroes line as most of the figures involved are just repacks(straight or just slightly tweaked), but I'm going to have to get the Maul...definitely! Along with the 2005 EVOLUTIONS and 2012 Vintage sculpts it looks like one of the all-time best Maul figures in the 3-3/4" scale. I hope he ships in high enough numbers to guarantee a continued presence on the pegs. I'd much rather see lots of him warming the pegs than the current litany of go-nowhere, humdrum Saga Legends characters.
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