Non-Vintage and non-Clone Wars products featuring the Darth Maul, Yoda and Vader packaging design

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Wave 2 Saga Legends characters seem to be firmly attached to their cardbacks, at least the ones I've spotted thus far. Seems they've tackled and corrected the peeling bubble problems with the newest Saga Legends assortments....let's just hope they do the same for the Black Series and eliminate all the existing bubble problems with that line.
Those figures were still a lot better than Movie Heroes Wave 1. And, honestly, almost all the Saga Legends and Mission Series figures we've seen thus far. They have better paint apps, more detailing and just look premium even if they're not. They have prehistoric articulation, but their paint jobs and aesthetics are just plain superior to the newest 5-POA characters, and the heads are spitting images of the film actors.

That Maul has a better head sculpt than super articulated Mauls.
DarthEddie wrote:If only the big box retailers had the sense to liquidate their leftover 2012 stock before it fossilized on the shelves.

That would have been great, I just wonder what sort of true "incentive" they saw (or didn't see) in doing that. They may have felt it was best just to cut ties with all Movie Heroes/TVC until new lines emerged.

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