Non-Vintage and non-Clone Wars products featuring the Darth Maul, Yoda and Vader packaging design

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The green 2013 Yoda product was a mess. It either didn't get released in the U.S. or it underperformed if not downright flopped at retail. A shame, because some of it was pretty good.
The MTT Droid Fighter was the best of those four Class I vehicle sets! The Obi-Wan has just 5 POA (a straight repack of the Naboo Battle Pack figure) but he's impressive for what he is and has one of the best 3.75" Ewan McGregor heads ever made. A really cool set. The Battle Droid's simple and limited but how often do we get a blue Battle Droid pilot?
They put more effort and detail into the 5-POA Captain Rex than most of us realized. I have to give them credit for making him better than some (or even most) of the other Saga Legends figures. His articulation is primitive but at least he has both of his blasters and kill marks drawn on his helmet and right arm, important details many of us probably didn't think they'd even bother with on one of these cheaper "budget" figures.

After the Stormtrooper and Boba it's probably my favorite Saga Legends figure.
There's one DTF or Movie Heroes figure left at my local Walmarts after all this time: a Ric Olie. Still full price.

For 50% off he might be worth picking up just to have another copy of a generally excellent figure. It's been more than two years since the DTF assortment first hit pegs so let's just stick these in the markdown aisles.
Tonight my girlfriend and I ran to my hometown Walmart because it's the last day it would be open. Over the past month they have slowly emptied their store in preparation for the Super Center opening tomorrow. A few weeks ago I ran into this Walmart and they had a single Nien Numb TFA figure...This time they had a Discover the Force Aurra Sing! This is a figure I always wish I would have picked up, and I was actually just looking at purchasing it online. I got it for $6, which was an awesome last purchase at this store.


This was the place I went to the TMP, AOTC, and ROTS midnight madness events as a kid, and this store usually only stays open until 11:00. It's weird how many memories happened in that store!!!
Congratulations on finding that Aurra Sing! She was one of the coolest figures of 2012 and the Discover the Force 3-D assortment was a great selection of figures that was a lot of fun to buy when they were new. Aurra was probably the best figure in that entire assortment.
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