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In the vintage section, we've been talking some about a TVC wave... here was my prediction for that:

1 - Count Dooku (new/hybrid from old tooling)
2 - Anakin Skywalker (new/hybrid from old tooling)
3 - Boba Fett (new sculpt!)
4 - Tusken Raider (new/hybrid from old tooling)
5 - Padme Amidala (new sculpt - Naboo grassy field dress)
6 - Clone Trooper (TVC #45 repaint, green armor ranking)
7 - Shaak Ti (new sculpt)
8 - Battle Droid (TVC sculpt, red deco)
9 - Kamino Cloner (first time made!)
10 - Nute Gunray (new sculpt)
11 - Jocasta Nu (first time made!)
12 - Cliegg Lars (first time made!)

Image Image Image Image Image Image
Image Image Image Image Image Image

Now though, let's suppose Wal-Mart wants to pursue another round of "Discover the Force" stuff to tie in to Episode 2... if it happens, what do you all think we'll get?

Just going on the theme we saw in 2012 with TPM, I'd say we could get another wave of figures, a couple exclusive vehicles, and some more Battle Packs... here's my thoughts:

1 - Count Dooku (Evolutions mold repack)
2 - Anakin Skywalker (Evolutions mold repack)
3 - Super Battle Droid (TVC repack)
4 - Padme Amidala (Evolutions Arena repack)
5 - Jango Fett (TVC repack)
6 - Clone Trooper (VC#45 - yellow paint)
7 - Clone Trooper (NEW Kamino, red clothes)
8 - Clone Trooper (NEW - Kamino, blue clothes)
9 - Dexter Jettster (NEW sculpt)
10 - Taun We (NEW sculpt)
11- Dorme (first time made!)
12 - Sio Bibble (first time made!)

1 - Hailfire Droid (repack)
2 - Geonosian Starfighter (repack)

1 - Outlander Club Encounter - Evolutions Anakin, TVC Obi Wan Kenobi, TVC Zam Wesell, SAGA Elan Sleazebaggano
2 - Arena Battle - TVC Mace Windu, Evolutions Jango Fett, Red Battle Droid x 2

Maybe some non-exclusive stuff as well:

1 - Homing Spider Droid (repack)
2 - Acklay (repack)
3 - Reek (new sculpt!)

1 - Orray w/ Geonosian (new!)
2 - Nexu w/ Padme (new!)
3 - Solar Sailer Mini Rig w/ Count Dooku (new!)

Just my thoughts... not exactly what I would *want* to see, but maybe what I might expect to see...?

maybe they will rerelease the TRU gunship with the new doors
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