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By Niktom
Hmmm... I think I need that. Not sure why, but I have this gnawing desire to own it. Guess I'll have to schedule a trip to TRU.

This does come with the NEW Trooper, right?
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By Niktom
Wonder if they will put it online? It's not there now. Sure would be nice seeing that it will most likely be 3 weeks before I make it to a TRU.

If someone picks up two or can pick up two using that "get one 75%" and wouldn't mind parting with that second one. I'd love to take the second one off your hands. Willing to pay shelf price plus the shipping or if you're feeling generous, split the total price with ya and of course I'd cover shipping costs to me.
I opened one one of them tonight (sorry no pics) the bike is about 1" shorter than the POTF2 one and about 1/4" slimer, looks way better IMO at that scale. The scout has those "special" bow legged stance for riding the bike, the little tripod cannon is a nice addition.

I made the front page, woohoo! :lol:
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Niktom wrote:Wonder if they will put it online? It's not there now. Sure would be nice seeing that it will most likely be 3 weeks before I make it to a TRU.

Yes, they always put the exclusives up in their website, in the next few days for sure.
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By darthmadonna
Hmm thanks for the pics. I am undecided now seeing the pics. 22 bucks seems steep to me and seeing it side by side I think I feel comfortable with the fleet of bikes I have accumulated over the last few years.
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By Raylen
These are a must have for me. Gonna get two if possible. Maybe in a few months our TRUs around here will get them. Lol When down at C6, I told the Hasbro people that it was about time they got this new bike made. I've passed up every speeder bike in the modern line in hopes that SOMEDAY they make a new one. Finally!
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By darthmadonna
Seen the pics on Facebook. I like it! I want a bunch but I iwll have to settle for one or two at the moment. I have a feeling we will see leia luke and maybe paploo all released again with bikes.
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By JediMerc
Grabbed 2 of these at my local TRU last night; I'm very pleased with how the ball-joint hips on the Biker Scout turned out and the bike, though smaller than the previous, looks much more detailed. The "floating" stand is a big plus to me. All-around, very happy with this purchase!
By Sybeck1
Not at my local Memphis TN TRU yesterday at lunch. I am traveling to Nashville today for the Pats/Titans game Sunday, so it is my plan to scour every TRU in my path to look for two of these.

With my luck on these things makes me wonder if i give into ebay sometime soon if no results.

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