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Putting two figures together and making them 14.99 isn't affordable and hasn't worked with the Vader/Anakin, Sidious/Maul ones this year. Parents have a problem paying 7.99 for a single figure they aren't gonna buy something more expensive. What Hasbro needs to do is stop being greedy and drop the expenses excuse. I reported last week Argos had put up their vehicle prices and i said other stores would follow, and this week gone TRU have. Whilst an ASDA supermarket, normally one of the cheapest has put their Clone Wars figures up to 8.97 and their the Cody wave still. This stuff has been around on the shelf for almost a year and they seem to think people are gonna buy it now the price has gone up; seriously parents aren't blind to these changes especially in these times.
Yeah, but all 4 of those figures are stinkers.

Vader - blah, so many versions better
Anakin - horrible figure
Maul - many versions are better
Sidious - two superior versions are available

If those sets instead, were something like this, they would have done better... this would have been a better spread of figures, and figures that collectors would have also found appealing:

- Darth Vader (VC93) vs Obi Wan Kenobi (VOTC)
- Darth Sidious (VC12) vs Yoda (VOTC)
- Stormtrooper (Target 3pk) vs Han Solo (VOTC)
- Gamorrean Guard (VC21) vs Luke Skywalker (VC23)

So much of this has to do with the actual quality of what we're paying for. I think those packs would have done fine at $16.99 each actually.

I guess the MH Boba Fett and the light-up Episode III Anakin will be in Wave 4 before the holidays. I suppose that'll be the same wave with the break-apart, tan Battle Droid. If my count is correct we have three more figures in Movie Heroes before the 2013 reboot in the green Yoda packaging and we go back to square one.
I already have the light-up Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan and Vader so I'm looking forward to the Anakin just to complete the foursome. The Battle Droid is one I want as well and I hope I see at least one of him somewhere.

Boba? Meh. It'll all depend on my mood if and when I see him. But if I pass I won't feel I'm really missing out on anything. It's just a slightly repainted Boba from a few years ago with a new rocket pack. Not much to see there.
A big part of the problem is that Hasbro has some good ideas, yet the execution of those ideas is poor. Those Vader/Anakin Maul/Sidious packs were a good idea, but the figure choices were very poor. The new K-Mart packs are great choices, even though they were originally supposed to be bundle with the AT-ST as a larger pack.

If Hasbro took Chewie's 2-pack ideas and ran with them, they'd be successful. There's kid-friendly stuff there as well and many collectors will swallow another main character to get a cool trooper or alien as long as the price isn't too ridiculous.

Hasbro has so many great molds, they could do a lot with repacks. Why not two Imp. Navy Commanders?

I'm really worried about the first BAD wave for 2013. It's a rather boring wave at best. Some cool troop builders, but do people really want to spend that much for them? I don't know. I think Hasbro wants to bleed the pegs now, but even this MH giveaway thing at TRU probably won't help that much. A two for one sale might help or a general SW figure sale might work best.

If they had a sale on TVC, MH, and TCW, what would most of you buy?? At this point, I have everything I need from the TPM wave. I guess a few more NRGs would be ok, but I've got 8 and I'm not really sure if I'd ever set up a Naboo display anyway.
I'd pick up more Battle Droids...Vintage as well as Movie Heroes. Also grab some more TVC army builders if I could even find any to begin with. Right now the only army builders from Vintage in plentiful or at least acceptable supply are the Battle Droid and Naboo Guard. Occasionally I still see a VC41 Stormtrooper from last year, but I've sort of had my fill of them by now.

We all know the new Jar Jar/Lost Line wave won't circulate in enough numbers for people to really army build the new Sandtrooper(VC112) and we've already seen the debacle surrounding the Imperial Navy, thanks to Vintage going on prolonged hiatus after Wave 16, won't be rereleased in its uber-awesome TVC packaging like we originally hoped. The best we can hope for is that a future Legacy/Build-a-Droid wave reissues the Commander on a new cardback.
Agreed on the Imp. Commander.

Even with a sale on TVC/TCW/MH, I can't see myself picking up much of what's out there though. However, if people have been wating for a sale to pick something up, then that would at least help. Back in 2010 the stores sold TLC for $4-5 a piece and the figures flew off the shelves. I remember hearing for a month or two before I was in the US, how certain figures, I would have loved to army build were dripping off the pegs. Then about three weeks before I came, they had that sale and everything that I had wanted was already gone by the time I got there.
2010 $4-5, 2012 $9-10!! Any says it's the times we live in, i say that hike in 2 years is greedy people using recession as an excuse.

Least Hasbro are good on the distribution of one line we all love, Fighter Pods. We all know how much those goes in Hasbro love their gimmicks, so their well taken care of. Tiny pieces of plastic pumped out in different colours and with a high mark up.
Look how some Walmarts managed to wipe out their entire stocks of 2009-11 Saga Legends and Clone Wars figures when they put them all on sale last year. One day you walk into a store and there are pegs and pegs of Obi-Wans, Super Battle Droids and CW Anakins...a couple of weeks later you go into the exact same aisle and they're mostly if not completely gone. A 50% off(or more) sale can do wonders, especially if the line has a built-in base of popularity and support. But Movie Heroes doesn't have that. It's been pilloried and seen for the cheapskate line of repacks it is since the minute it first hit pegs, and with just a dozen figures to choose from most of the time(Waves 2 and 3 are practically nonexistent in most areas) there's no selection.

It's like I's going to take Hasbro reps coming in and pulling this old stock to make any huge difference.
I'd rather see the stores start with a sale. If they do that, and with new packaging coming next year, I'm sure the scanning number will change as well, I'm sure they will at some point this fall, then they might be able to move some stuff. Granted, Wave 1 of MH is worse than any Saga Legends wave ever was, but at least Hasbro could see whether these figures would be bought up or not. If Hasbro just takes the stuff, they'll just say, "we put out to much TPM stuff." If the stores have a sale and the stuff moves, then it might be the price that was the problem. However, if the stores have sales and TCV and TCW clear out, but MH sits on the pegs, then Hasbro has to admit that MH sucks and was a horrible idea.

Sadly, if MH fails, I can see Hasbro finding some way to blame collectors and not kids. MH is directed 100% towards kids and with all the repacks and lowered amounts of articulation, so is TCW. Two lines aimed at kids gives kids and higher prices is a double-whammy: Too many choices for kids with their money buying fewer figures because of the higher prices.
Oh, there's probably little debate about MH failing. Were the line composed of just the eight Wave 2 and 3 figures then it'd be judged a pretty good success since all the Jar Jars, light-up Vaders and even "Disappointing Action" Darth Mauls seem to sell out when the stores even have cases to put on the pegs in the first place. But Wave 1? It's had a little over six months to sell and it's not. It's always possible a massive 50% off sale might get some of them off the pegs, but the selection in that first wave is so abysmally lame that aside from, oh, the Battle Droids I just don't see many people biting even at just $4.99(or less) per figure.

And they'll blame the collectors. That's pretty much a given. Going after little kids to pin horrible sales on would seem a little unseemly and rude to a lot of folks(particularly parents) and Hasbro already has enough P.R. and reputation problems when it comes to the Star Wars toy line without compounding them by pointing accusatory fingers at kids for not buying their repacked and unappealing crap. Oh, yeah. The adult collector will get the blame.
I'm sure they want to blame collectors because we are their scapegoat, but I don't know if Hasbro will even go that route this time since this line is clearly aimed at kids, as Hasbro has stated.

I think they just need to acknowledge that they did a poor job handling it - or at least that would make sense. Taking the blame would go a long way to gaining back some respect from the adult collector base, which I think is much more vital to the health of the hobby than they seem to realize.

On another note, it looks like the JTA report on Wal-Mart deleting these from their system was in fact about the DTF line... which isn't the fault of JTA, it's just confusing terminology on the part of Wal-Mart and Hasbro.

Yeah, Paul at JTA is a friend as you probably know. He and the other honchos over there always do the best they can with news reports like that. Walmart and Hasbro were just less-than-clear about which figures they meant. At first I was peeved. "Wait, Movie Heroes isn't going away? CRAP! Now we'll never get rid of the stupid things!" But then I remembered that MH is continuing next year in the new green Yoda packaging so completely purging the line's SKU and all the other information from the system probably makes no sense to the chain given that there'll just be a lot more Movie Heroes figures showing up around the beginning of 2013. Plus, there are still technically three more MH figures coming out before the end of this year(although like you or someone else said, those three might not ever show up at mass retail for various reasons) and the 2012 line's not officially done yet.
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