Non-Vintage and non-Clone Wars products featuring the Darth Maul, Yoda and Vader packaging design

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I really like the MTT add on ship, Is that the Obi Wan from 2012 Naboo Battle Pack? Again why Obi, I think they may have gotten a bit more kiddie bang with a Jar Jar instead. At least you would not get the same character in this obvious MTT companion piece.

The drop ship completely uninspiring, Could be because I already have the red version. As for the figures ....yawn

Yoda's ship is silly and reminds me of a happy meal toy. Now as for the Yoda figure I really like him. The robe looks great and I like the head gear. Although I am sure the robe will probably be some velvety soft looking thing on the production figure.
I think a standard Gungan Warrior would have made more sense in the Droid ship set. And i agree too the Yoda is just great, i'd say best figure in these sets.
By Grimace

boring but I like the droid repaint


also boring, and the droid sculpt is ancient
I plan to pair the vehicle with this clone



another ancient droid sculpt, but the Yoda has the new head with the comm gear

the package says that with the seat removed the cockpit can accommodate MOST action figures, but that is a lie
I tried several jedi and NONE fit
well, I guess if you don't mind an open cockpit
I love the BAD dome, I plan to use it somewhere else

here is a padawan with a different BAD dome installed


this one is my favorite even tho I don't care much for the figures included
the wings on this are very much like the Recon Fighter from earlier this year
the cockpit can hold some larger figures, and there are alternate placements options for the cannons
JN have reported these have been spotted in Tesco supermarket here in the UK for £19, now there are two figures and a couple of new vehicles am contemplating is this now a better offer for that price than previous deluxe vehicles; i may wait though to see when and how much these will be in Smyth's Toys though as everything there is permenantly on offer and cheaper.
By DeltaSev
Nice pictures, I will probably be picking up the Yoda and starfighter when it comes out, I love the BAD dome switch option. I might pick up the clone at-rt pack and MTT pack on clearance just for the cool looking droids :lol:
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By BorgIG88
YAK_Chewie wrote:Thanks for the pics Grimace. I think the only set I want is the MTT one...


That's funny, cause I just bought different sets, all but the MTT Shuttle/Obi Wan/Droid combo. :D
Saw all of them today at TRU... had the MTT set in my hand and put it back. Even the sale price isn't good enough. I almost bought 2 speederbikes instead.

I'm pretty much done with anything that's not OT related (or Episode 7 and beyond). Here and there I'll probably buy some stuff from the prequel and Clone Wars era, but only if it's really well done.

These deluxes are not that well done, at least not for me to fork over what the asking price is. The paint jobs on the vehicles are much too clean - it's become depressing for me to see Hasbro give their vehicles such weak paint jobs... where's the weathering? They've never really been too good at paint applications anyway, so maybe that's just asking too much from the big H.

I know they say they're working harder now and putting two figures in these is a cool idea, but let's face it - most of the figures in these suck. I'm not spending my money on these. 2013 is looking like a much more expensive year for me (in real life), and if I'm going to ever get ahead financially, I'm not spending money on Hasbro unless I feel like they deserve it.

So really, I don't feel like they deserve my money on these sets. I'd buy them for my kid if he wanted them, but I personally think these sets (other than the MTT one) are silly looking. Hasbro's caring less and less about the adult market anyway, so I'm done throwing my money as stuff that doesn't appeal to me. I'm not compelled or obligated to buy things like this... feels kind of good to walk away sometimes.

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By DarthEddie
Scored the MTT Droid Fighter earlier today at the Toys "R" Us here in Roanoke, VA.

$23.99 price tag, $25.19 after Virginia sales tax.


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