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I saw the Yoda Fighter earlier today but passed. I know it has the cool Droid Factory-inspired astromech dome on the wing but my supply of loose Droid Factory domes is extremely limited and I don't feel like paying $25 for a crappy Super Battle Droid repaint and a Yoda with Tom & Jerry cartoon eyes.
I've bought three of the four, all but the Yoda Attack Fighter. That one is just....bad. The only redeeming factor is the Build-a-Droid feature for the astromech dome on Yoda's fighter but that one cool feature isn't enough reason to shell out $23.99. That Yoda's paint apps are sketchy if not awful and the Super Battle Droid is just a quick repaint that brings nothing new to the table.
I saw a few of the Yoda sets today and they all have corrected paint apps for his eyes.
Oh, they finally cranked out some corrected examples? That makes me feel a little bit better, but the Super Battle Droid is still an uninspired rehash of a mold we all have a hundred of already. I'll have to give this Fighter a lot more thought.
I'm not sure if there's been any official confirmation, but there were no other Deluxe figure and vehicle 2-packs on display in New York. Someone on another collecting site said they heard this line was being cancelled too.
Yeah, the ones I saw at TRU and Target today had the horrendous cartoon-like eyes. The sculpt of that Yoda is all-new and it's actually quite's a shame a laughable paint job torpedoes him.
I think the first run of these sets had paint issue and I've run into several sets now with "normal" eyes. If you can hold out, I suggest waiting til the next restock of the line to get a good one.
I will give Hasbro credit for sculpting and tooling an all-new Yoda from the feet up to put in this new set. They could just have easily if not moreso stuck an older figure from a few years ago in the box, called it a day and then plugged their fingers in their ears so they couldn't hear the catcalls.

If the eyes on the next shipments look good and somewhat normal for a Yoda I'll certainly reconsider picking him up.
It is the weakest and least interesting of the four new sets. Even with a corrected paint job on Yoda I'm going to have to give it some serious thought.

That Super Battle Droid could stand to look a lot better, too.
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