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Does Movie Heroes 2013 look more promising than 2012?

Too early to tell
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By Paulskywalker
I was in a local sci fi shop today and i observed two families, with two lil boys in the SW section. The first was a South African family and the young SW fan was only interested in the Vintage Collection and bought 3-4 figures including a couple of obscure characters. But the other family and their lil boy i found more revealing, he was 10 and had a lot of money, his Dad said you've only £150 left to spend, must have had some stuffed Xmas cards! :shock: Anyway he looked at only the CW's and Vintage ignoring the MH, he then saw the Vintage figure 3 pack and exclaimed loudly 'BOBA FETT AND HE'S BENDABLE DAD!', he commented on the Tusken and Snaggletooth but then went on how Fett was bendable. Which he bought for £24.99, thought i feel that is too expensive myself. This just reminds me that there are still a lot of kids just like us, who love the obscure characters and like the detailed articulated figures.

Now i've said it before, i feel this is just an excuse from Hasbro to cheap out and i feel sometimes some people are trying to justify Hasbro decisions to themselves rather than seeing that some of todays kids are us as we were when we were little; not all kids want limited figures. We wanted obscure characters and it seems they still do and who out us back in the 70s and 80s if at the age of 10 would have wanted the vintage kenner Fett if they had offered a articulated one too, if anyone says their 10 year old selves would have picked the former then your a lil liar lol.
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By Trooper31
This past year, I've seen a lot of TCW Obis and Anakins sitting for a long time on the pegs. The same goes for MH stuff. The obscure figures are being bought up much faster than the main characters. I think Hasbro has really hit a saturation point for certain main characters and has to realize that they need a new version (with good articulation) or it's going to sit. At this point, I don't know why Hasbro just doesn't give us "just-off-screen" versions or outside source versions of some of the main characters. Those Obi-Wans from POTJ were actually pretty cool and with today's articulation they'd be even cooler.

Anyway, for your viewing peasure a few pics of the MH Sandtrooper:





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By AaylaSecurasMan
Wow, that's a big gun that Sandie has! Thanks for the pics!

I agree with you, I'd rather see figures like this that the kids will move off the shelves that hundreds of Obi-Wans and Anakins that those same kids have many of already.
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By Paulskywalker
I just looked at the Iron Man 3 figures at CTR and they have 5 points of articulation, some not very happy fans. Seems the cost cutting is all over, except wages likely...
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By Paulskywalker
Well the only saving grace of these was the BD, but from the new packaged pics on RS he seems to have put on weight.
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By AaylaSecurasMan
Paulskywalker wrote:Well the only saving grace of these was the BD, but from the new packaged pics on RS he seems to have put on weight.

Agree, I will get that BD and Lightup Anakin, that's it. And yes, that BD looks a bit odd :?
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By valdacarr
IMHO when Hasbro has movies to support the SW Lags.

IRon Man 3 will get ALOT of support.
G.I Joe 2 has product in place from the movie's pushback
SW has two films late in the year and could see the Republic Gunship released to support Ep 2 & 3 in 3D.

Any other films that Hasbro will be support this summer to compete with SW and will the MH line be at all 3 Big Box stores. (TRU/Target/WM)

I am looking forward to the Sandtrooper with the light up weapon...very nice feature indeed!
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By YAK_Jayson
Looks like Movie Heroes is going 5 POA like Iron Man 3, and Ultimate Spider-Man. From JediNews.

Over in the Movie Heroes line, there is a new Vader card much smaller than normal with low-budget 3-3/4" figures that includes a tiny insert showcasing the character. Much like the Batman £6 line we saw last year. A new Ep3 Anakin figure was shown. This line is targeted towards kids on a budget. This line mirrors the budget Iron Man 3 and Ultimate Spider-Man lines that have already been seen but aren't out yet.
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By Paulskywalker
Those Batman figures were awful and didn't really sell here, only good thing was the environmentally friendly reduced packaging.
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By YAK_Chewie
If they are like the GI JOE 2 Movie vehicle drivers (awesome sculpts but limited articulation), I could see myself getting quite a few for diorama filler... but if they are all main characters and the sort, I might not.

But the real key point of interest for me will be the torsos. If they are soft plastic (easy for customizing), then I'll be suckered into getting quite a few for customs. But if the torsos are rock hard plastic, then these will probably be easy passes for me!


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