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By darth_sidious
Haha - I don't even see the reason to argue and debate about the 5 POA figures - if you don't like them, don't buy them. That's always been my philosophy as a collector. If Hasbro produces something I have no interest in - I just leave it on the pegs. Likewise, for almost every 5 POA figure, there is a better SA version already available. Where I do understand some disgruntled opinions, is when it comes to characters that Hasbro has and will only produce in 5 POA. I don't necessarily agree, as I don't mind 5 POA when the figure looks good, but I can understand where those collectors are coming from...
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By DarthEddie
There are some 5 POA I like and others - not so much. I'm pretty open about it all. The way I see it we've all seen worse from Kenner and Hasbro. Like you said, just leave them on the shelf. The market will speak for itself.
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By Paulskywalker
I totally get that, i just couldn't believe the article though! :shock:
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By Jodo
Same here...I don't mind if people enjoy the figures or do not like them at all. However when an article says they're more accurate than the Sideshow figures for no apparent reason, then I doubt anything else published by the site. It seems each figure had its own little niche they wrote for it, and each was absurd. I just can't believe the "more accurate than Sideshow" comment. :roll:
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By DarthEddie
Yeah, that was bizarre to say the very least. The new Snowtrooper is more accurate than the Sideshow Snowtrooper? How? What, does it supposedly have one colored button or tiny detail the Sideshow Snowtrooper doesn't?
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By YAK_Chewie
I thought that article was surprising too; I don't know how anyone who has any knowledge in this hobby would feel these are the "best representations" of said characters... no way could someone with Dave's exposure really think these are "the best" - maybe his "favorite" given his collecting focus, but that's about it.

I'm not in favor of the 5POA figures, but I do get the idea to bring down pricepoint - by the same token, I think Hasbro should be adding more variety to the line with the 5POA figures - the 1st wave has run its course... yet Hasbro puts several of those figures right back into Wave 2. I think that's what annoys me more - if they are going to make a "collection" of figures, then let's see more variety for the kiddos - where's Leia? Amidala? Ben Kenobi?

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By DarthEddie
I'd like to see a 5-POA Alec Guinness with the feel of the original 1978 Kenner figure. I adore Ewan McGregor and thoroughly enjoyed his take on a much younger Obi-Wan, but I'm just a little bored and exhausted of seeing 50 different versions of Prequel and Clone Wars Obi-Wan released every year.

Yes, Ewan and the animated Obi-Wan in The Clone Wars both got a whole lot more (and much more recent) screen time than Sir Alec ever did - but they're not the only Obi-Wans in existence. Sir Alec birthed the character using the script material given to him by George Lucas, and he's the Obi-Wan I and a lot of fans and collectors grew up with. Let's see more of the Alec Guinness Obi-Wan and get some real variety back into the character's toys.
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By Paulskywalker
Maybe old Ben is starting to see the Ageism that dear old Jocasta got?
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By darth_sidious
I'm willing to bet that they focused on PT and CW Obi-wan first because that is the Obi kids are most familiar with. The line was developed with kids in mind, so I honestly think most kids under 10 would pick up a CW Obi over an old Ben. Ben is a classic though, so they will likely get to him soon - they should just do an MS 2-pack with Leia to knock them both out. When it comes to character selection though, what shocks me is the lack of more CW characters - many kids grew up on that cartoon and its their SW...
By theArchivist
I think a MS pack with Ben and Leia would be odd since they never actually met in the films.
I would like to see more figures where the standing position would be a good fit. Any of the patrons standing at the Bar in the Cantina would be a perfect fit to include with one of the Hero characters.
I think more droids would fit well in this line as well, like EV-9D9 or even some of the more obscure ones.
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By DarthEddie
Old Ben with Leia (or Farmboy Luke) would be a Mission Series 2-pack I'd grab.
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By DarthEddie
YAK_Chewie wrote:ANH Luke w/ Hammerhead
Sandtrooper w/ Greedo

Hasbro: make these happen!
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By Paulskywalker
There is a BBC documentary advertised at the moment about how were obsessed with upgrades, improvements, bigger and better things. Mainly in shopping. When they mentions toys they show star wars toys, made me laugh!
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By DarthEddie

Yeah, even the collector-focused Black Series figures are seeing paint apps cut back or applied in a sloppy fashion. I hardly think most current Star Wars toys are "a step forward."
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