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DarthDaddy wrote:I don't plan on buying any of these figures. Usually, I am one for buying 3-4 of each figure released for customizing purposes, but with 5 POA, these figures have nothing to offer. My 9 year old who has been a die hard collector for the last 6 years is fuming. For years he has enjoyed poking fun at my 5 POA figures from my childhood, telling me he feels bad for me when I was a kid because I had such poorly articulated figures growing up. When he heard about 5 POA figures for 2013, he quit collecting figures and he only wants the Slave I this year.

Unfortunately, when I look at figures on the pegs in toy aisles, it appears that reduced articulation is the new trend. The trend has resulted in poor sales, even with the reduced price point.

I'm preparing myself for Episode VII figures to have the articulation of the original figures from Episode I. I think Hasbro has officially destroyed the 3 3/4" product line with repacks and reduced articulation. The last 2 years have been full of disappointment. I just hope Hasbro gets its just desserts for their poor decision making.

Yeah - and I don't know if Hasbro realizes that heavy duty customizers like us sometimes buy 2-3 times as much as your ordinary collector.

I can also totally relate to how your son views these - my son is a little younger (just turned 6) but when he saw these he made comments too that they don't look good. He also had seen my old Star Wars figures (even POTF2) and says they are "silly" and he certainly prefers the ones with better articulation.

Now, I do get that a lot of toys with so much articulation aren't very kid friendly. But Hasbro has really gone out on a limb with these. I think a much better business model would have been for Movie Heroes 2013-2014 to be around $7 or $8 per figure, and styled more like Movie Heroes Amidala...


Then you could have 75% new sculpts, and have a handful of repacks in the line of good figures - maybe not premium figures, but still, acceptable ones... like the Tantive IV Stormtrooper, Commtech Vader, etc...

I feel that would have been a much more solid approach than the direction they've chosen.

I will buy them all, but only one of each instead of the 2 I usually try to get

I will open one up, fiddle with it for a bit and then put it on the back of the shelf just to fill it up

my heart is empty of affection for this "new" style

whatever happens, it's the consumers' fault

I would much rather see some of those EU and Canadian exclusive Movie Heroes instead of this stuff
I want the new version of the r4 droid. I am curious to see the quality of the paint applications. I like the idea of Hasbro making figures that fit into vehicles. That obvious compatibility was missing with the initial figures made in the POTF2 and it was completely ignored for the first wave or two of attack of the clones figures.

I have no real problem with some figures having only 5 points of articulation. Senators that don't move much. Anakin's mom or Jocasta nu.

A ceremonial leia or a jawa too could have limited articulatgion.

Balance out the limited articulation with the super articulated stormtroopers and clones.

If hasbro produces a brand new alien with limited articulation, I would be very excited. The key for me is quality sculpting, paint job, and good plastic.

That takes care of me.
Somehow, Hasbro has managed to simultaneously contradict itself and breathe some intriguing life into a line it seems intent on killing.

For years, Hasbro responded to questions with the idea that new tooling is what pushed costs higher, and made making new characters in the quantities we desired untenable for it. Now yes, greater articulation adds to tooling costs, but the bottom line is, Hasbro said over and over how they key for its survival was relying less and less on brand-new tooling.

So...we get...brand-new tooling.

And I like these 5 POA guys. They're sturdy, can hold their weapons and stand for more than 5 minutes without drooping over. I think the 2013 figures are a slight downgrade from the Bespin and Naboo Battle Packs of 2012, which were also 5 POA, but sculpted unbelievably well and were incredibly sturdy. They were made with a very high quality of plastic. I only have the 501st trooper, Anakin and Obi-Wan figures from 2013, but they feel just a bit more "rubbery" than the 2012 battle pack figures. Are they as rubbery as past battle droids and other figures? Absolutely not. The 2013 figures are a nice upgrade in that they "feel" like non-cheap figures.

If Hasbro were to completely start the 3 3/4 inch line over, go with 5 POAs for everyone, but use the sculpting quality and type of plastic used in the 2012 battle packs, I'd scoop them up in a second. I mean seriously, how many of us actually "play" with these things? Most collectors either hang these things carded, or pose them in a display. I am an opener, and my guys will never do anything more than just stand there, serving as visual representatives for a series of 6 films I dearly love. Figures with 5 POAs fulfill that role just fine.
We've been talking about this some more in another thread in the General Hasbro section, but I think it's clear that Hasbro's getting direction from the top to find a lower pricepoint but still hit their gross profit goals.

This is happening across their other lines too... it's not just Star Wars.

$6.00 Legends are a lot better than $10.00 Movie Heroes. Not better than $10.00 TVC or Black Series, but for a line aimed at kids after a disasterous 2012, I am thinking this line has a chance.

And it's a lot better than the other 5POA lines - this lineup at least has variety of characters... and seeing my daughter enjoy the new astromech droid? Priceless.

I'm fine with Hasbro approaching the kid line like this for 2013/2014. But for EP7, I'd like to see a happy medium with ROTS quality figures, for about $8.00 each. A subline with the return or TVC too, for $10-11 at that time would also rock.

My nephew got a Power Rangers figure the other day, extremely super articulated and £7.99. So how can Bandai put out a S/A figure for £7.99 when Hasbro have to go to 5 POA to go to £5.99 and have their S/A at £9.99?
I don't know about the comaprison between the two companies, I do know that the Power Ranger stuff doesn't have as nice of sculpts from what I've seen, and I'm sure the license for those is much cheaper than Star Wars?

On any note, I'm guessing this format is here to stay, at least until Episode VII. For the most part, this stuff is moving better than the Movie Heroes line did from what I can tell. And when the OT figures hit that are in this style, I expect those to sell quite well.

I have days where I absolutely HATE these 5POA figures, other days where I don't care. I keep going back and forth. At least these are better than the Iron Man/Avengers figures... right?


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