Non-Vintage and non-Clone Wars products featuring the Darth Maul, Yoda and Vader packaging design

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I'm seeing evidence of some major pegwarmers in this line, but am curious how widespread this is.

Tonight, I hit my local Walmart. They had 2 Black Series figures, and 12 Legends... of the Legends, here was the breakout:

Anakin x 4
Obi Wan x 4
Mace Windu x 2


It seems that Hasbro still isn't learning from their mistakes... they insist that it's necessary to keep characters like this in circulation... which is fine, but they are overdoing it. Each of these three figures is also in Wave 2 of Legends. So when a store gets a case of that in, the Stormtrooper will be gone first, and stores will be stuck with yet more Anakins, Obi Wans and Windus.

Thoughts? I'm seeing the same story at Target and Toys"R"us... is the situation better in other areas?

I think its hard to determine how well a line is selling without the sales data from retailers, but locally - I see the Legends / Mission Series everywhere, and they seem to have good stock whenever I stop at a retail store. I have no idea how often they restock, nor if they were even required to restock due to sales. The only figure I see missing is Yoda - everything else seems to be readily available. I think both lines might be suffering because of character selection. I also believe that there is a general lack of interest among many kids. Perhaps with wave 2 of Legends & Mission Series, we may see more interest from kids, because each line will feature a CW character...
They are certainly a problem - because many kids already have them (and multiples at that). These cheaper versions of the core Jedi were likely intended for kids seeing AOTC and ROTS in 3D for the first time - that never came about, so I honestly don't expect these to sell all that well. I think their best (only?) chance to move at retail is gift givers buying them up....
The continued presence of the prequel jedi in both the first two waves, is troubling.

When I look at the fisher price (or whatever) size of figures, I see original trilogy as much or more than the new stuff in stores.

Call me crazy but a $5.99 stormtrooper with that well made a helmet would sell pretty well. Heck I would say a case of three stormtroopers per thing would be sweet.

How about if not then 2 per case and then have stormtroopers mixed in with Vader and luke, and boba in the two packs.

That would make some money and move some product. But oh well.
Yeah, I don't get why they aren't putting the Stormtroopers at 2 per case... it's just a bad move to limit that figure. I would say that's probably the most anticipated figure from the entire 5POA line to this point.

I would say for the most part, these have moved fair. I wouldn't call it gangbusters but these seem to certainly be moving at a better pace than the Movie Heroes from 2012 line... or at least there isn't a huge backup of them at many stores. Hasbro obviously limited the production on the first wave, which was a smart move. It's a shame they did not have this kind of vision with 2012.

I'm still not a fan of these 5POA figures, but I don't mind them being avaiable - I think Hasbro's putting too much stock in the same core characters again though. I have a feeling the OT offerings will be more popular. The market has been saturated with Anakin and Kenobi for so long, it will be a very nice change to pace to start seeing the timeless, classic characters from the OT back in circulation again.

This as posted in the UK thread at RS.

'One of my UK wholesalers annouced a HASBRO price increase on 2014 figure cases..

Black series 6" RRP £25

saga legends singles RRP £8

no info on anything else.. but a 20-25% rise.. F that, Another nail in the coffin.

Don't shoot the messanger.'
Hopefully holiday shoppers continue to move Legends wave 1 off the pegs, because wave 2 has a bunch of repacks from wave 1, which could mean clogged pegs for awhile. Hasbro should have actually made an effort to get both Legends and Mission Series wave 2 on the pegs for December. Wave 1 of all the lines should not be shipping or in warehouses / stockrooms anymore.

Interesting note I'm not sure has been mentioned yet, but it appears Boba may come with a new more accurate blaster sculpt. I'm still not sure how I feel about this line, I will admit that Stormtrooper looks to be the best 3 3/4" sculpt trooper ever! It's a shame he won't be able to hold his blaster with both hands. I do wonder if we'll see some more points of articulation sneak into this line. I think something like the articulation in last years "Movie Heroes" (padme, jar-jar) would be a perfect balance.
I agree, just a little more articulation on these would make them a lot more appealing... it doesn't have to be a lot...

I also think Hasbro missed a golden opportunity here to do ball joint heads with universal neck pegs...

Ball-jointed elbows and knees, and $7.50 per figure... that would have made this line very appealing to me.

God the legs on the Stormie look stiff, they should have done them like the clone.

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