Return of the Build-A-Droid!

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Even though the BAD is a great concept and i like it my concern is that Hasbro's only reason for coming back to this is to increase sales forcing us to buy repacks and repaints just to complete figures; knowing for well a lot of us can't resist.
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By YAK_Chewie
Pablo Jill - awesome, I want 2 or 3

Padme - I'll take 2 or 3

Green AOTC Trooper - I'll take 2 or 3

Sandtrooper - I'll take 2 or 3

Luminara - I'll take 2 or 3

Biker Scout - Will get 2, only for the B.A.D. parts

Battle Droid - I officially hate this sculpt. Will get 2, only for the B.A.D. parts

Anakin - YUCK! A new Dooku would be more welcome. Will get 2, only for the B.A.D. parts

R2-D2 - Lame, and just a repack in my eyes. Will get 2, only for the B.A.D. parts

Geonosisan Warrior - Pegwarmer if I ever saw one... good figure, but uh... don't need more. Will get 2, only for the B.A.D. parts

Utapau Clone - Nice to see such a terrible helmet is in circulation still. Will get 2, only for the B.A.D. parts

TIE Pilot - Will get 2, only for the B.A.D. parts

...the ones in red, I am only going to get because of the B.A.D. parts. Hasbro is really losing me even more now. Talk about a half ass effort on the figures. At least the B.A.D. droids look good.

It looks like the B.A.D. droids in Wave 2 are astromechs - not much effort for Hasbro there. There is SUCH a rich pool of characters for Hasbro to make too, so that makes this just sad.

If it wasn't for customizing, I'd get out of Star Wars now. I feel like the people running things at Hasbro are clueless.

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By darthmadonna
Mace Windu, - I feel the Mace we have now is the definitive and can not see much more to be done Thumbs Down

Captain Rex, - Very cool to have in realistic form! Thumbs Up

Luke Yavin Ceremony, - (updated for improved film accuracy) What? does he have blond hair now??? Thumbs down

Mara Jade (Jedi), - Thumbs Up

Bespin-Trap Vader (interchangeable hands), - Really??? Lets milk the Vader, Thumbs Down

A-Wing pilot, - LAME!!!!!! Thumbs down

Biggs Darklighter (new head-sculpt), - Again? Really? I would bite on this one if he had updated articulation over a new head Thumbs Down

Episode II Clone Pilot (new helmet with cords, control box, etc) - SIGH.....Thumbs down

Biker Scout - Depending on how he looks and newness PASS thumbs down

Battle Droid - This was a mess from the get go dwarf droids do not belong in my army Thumbs down

Anakin - I really like this one he looks good Thumbs Up

R2-D2 - ZZZZZ ZZZZZZ ZZZZ oh I fell asleep yep thumbs down

Geonosisan Warrior - Is this a rehash? Love to build up some bugs but kind of on the fence here

Utapau Clone - "Nice to see such a terrible helmet is in circulation" Exactly! Already army built plenty of clones and I do not or need to rebuild them.

TIE Pilot - Got a ton of these already Thumbs down

Pablo Jill - Hmm nice Thumbs up

Padme - A bit bored but looks good and different enough with great articulation Thumbs up

Green AOTC Trooper - Another Clone? SHOCKER! Thumbs down

Sandtrooper - Is this a joke? seriously? Every year we get Sandies these must be the ones they had to pull from pegs a year ago? Thumbs down

That's my thoughts. Not very inspired by the selections.

Luminara - I'll take 2 or 3
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By YAK_Chewie

When it comes down to it, those two B.A.D. droids are the real only thing exciting about this first wave for me... and wave two, with two astromech B.A.D. figures really sounds depressing.

Both of these two droids rock though... I'm not sure which one I like more... I'm probably going to go with Jabba's Clone Wars protocol droid (TC-70) over Dooku's pilot droid (FA-4).

Still no sign of a B.A.D. mold for C-3PO though... maybe something will be revealed at CVI... :(

By zedhatch
Pablo Jill- Awesome, one of the few joys of the prequels is getting weird Jedi aliens, Definatly grabbing.

Biker Scout- Is there anything different here from the Legacy version, doesn't look it, pass anyway as I am perfectly happy with the Legacy verion.

Anakin- SOOOO bored with Anakin it's not funny, doesn't help that I flat don't like the portrayl in the prequels anyways, pass.

Geonosisan Warrior- Looks kind of newish, could use a bug or two, will grab.

Utapau Clone- UGGH, got enough clones I think.

Battle Droid- Yeah enough battle droids too.

Luminara- call me nuts, but I am still partial to the CW one, will pass.

R2-D2- OK do we really need another? I love R2 but it's kind of gotten ludicrous

TIE Pilot- Uh, what, there are more releases of the tie pilot than there are tie fighters in the entire Imperial Army, what are they gonna fly? Pass

Padme- Much better than I thought she might be, will get.

Green AOTC Trooper- Enough Clones.

Sandtrooper- What, is this a joke, again?

Luke Yavin Ceremony- Really? I just don't feel the need for another Luke, sorry Mark Hamil.

Mace Windu- Working on getting a Nick Fury, Mace is covered IMO so I will pass.

Captain Rex- Might get, even though I have enough clones and such he might end up being cool in realistic form.

Mara Jade (Jedi)- Very happy here, she has sorely needed an update for a very long time.

Bespin-Trap Vader (interchangeable hands)- After ANH Vader I kind of doubt it, but will reserve judgement for the final product.

A-Wing pilot-HUH, didn't we just get this.

Biggs Darklighter (new head-sculpt)-UMMM feel like we've all been here.

Episode II Clone Pilot- Always hated the look of the clone pilots so easy pass here.

BAD- so far Meh, might try to get Dooku's pilot, the astromechs in the next wave don't feel like "Must haves" either, but would like to see them before I confirm that.

Kind of disapointing overall, especially since I feel Vintage just now started getting good. Again I feel like this is old ground and not anything new whereas Vintage was hitting on some new freshness lately.
I just get this feeling that Hasbro have returned to BAD not because it was popular (great figure Choices +the BAD parts) i think they think it's their answer to moving figures off shelves which they believe will solve distribution, scheuduling cancer and dogs home etc...
By zedhatch
That or they finally figured out that it's more important what happens on retail shelves than what cases they sell (By thier own admission they only notice case sales and not what sells on the retail levels). Legacy sold the days it went out while the pegs were overwhelmed by Clone Wars. By the rational they admitted, CW was selling better, but to people walking the toy sections Legacy sold better. However I doubt they got that much brain power so quickly.
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By Raylen
Paulskywalker wrote:I just get this feeling that Hasbro have returned to BAD not because it was popular (great figure Choices +the BAD parts) i think they think it's their answer to moving figures off shelves which they believe will solve distribution, scheuduling cancer and dogs home etc...

I think BAD could move more figures, HOWEVER, the droids have to be something really special and cool. And unfortunately at $10 a figure, no one wants to buy any figures they don't really want just for a droid part. Especially if its just ANOTHER astromech.
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By YAK_Chewie
I feel the same way about the astromechs - other than Jabba's droid, I just don't care. I do like that droid though because I remember back in 1999 when the TPM trailer was out, or some commercial on TV, I remember seeing that droid standing by Jabba and wanting it.

Sigh... there were quite a few cool looking aliens by Jabba in that scene too. It's too bad we might never see them get made.

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By darthmac
AaylaSecurasMan wrote:Good and successful concept coming back, I just hope that these figures will be easier to find than the Vintage Collection ones :?

Wave 1 will be...
By Sybeck1
I can see it now. A wall a sandies and tie pilots taking the place of Obi Wan and Qui Jonn. But then the only way TPM is leaving is if there is a tornado or something.
By Grimace
Hasbro dug itself in deep with the distribution and the character selection

I'm a die hard completist so buying these is not a question for me
but from reading the comments here and observing what figures can still be found on the pegs, I fear that those hoping to buy or trade just the droid parts are going to have a much smaller group of folks to work with
By Jedighost009
YAK_Chewie wrote:I love the concept too... and really, really hope somehow we get C-3PO in this format using the B.A.D. protocol droid sculpt.

Some other cool droids we could maybe get...

T3-M4 (KOTOR astromech)
3D-4 (adminisitrative droid)
Commando Droid (realistic style)
Hunter Killer Probot
Sentinal Droid

I didn't add any regular style astromechs to the list... because personally, I'm pretty burnt out on them... and I'd really love to see Hasbro tie this into the TOR stuff if possible, since we're really not getting many other figures from that line like I had hoped.


I'd also like to see C-3PO get the BAD treament but I bet Hasbro would make us wait for Vintage to return so he could be single carded. Then he could be the update to the ESB blown apart/damaged version.

The BettyBot would be a cool addition, PaulSkywalker. I'd really like to see that one make it. Wasn't that rumored for awhile the 1st ime around? And wasn't there an unreleased protocol droid Hasbro showed at CV? There was an image of the whole line of BADs and it was on there crossed out with a red mark I think. Anybody have that pic?

Some others I'd like to see made...

FA-5 valet droid since the majority of it is sculpted. Just needs new legs.
and I'm probably the only one that wants this but...
vendor droid protocol droid body with a new head.

and more ross

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