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By YAK_Jayson
Padme Amidala (Geonosis Arena)
Biker Scout
TIE Pilot
Anakin Skywalker (EII)
Clone Trooper (Sergeant)
Luminara Unduli
Battle Droid (Red/Geonosis Deco)
Geonosian Warrior (Sun Fac)
Clone Trooper (212th Attack Battalion)

FA-4 (Dooku's Pilot Droid)
By Sybeck1
I would have bought multiples if the Sandtrooper was a simple VC41 Stormie with an updated helmet. But I am not, That and repacks like the Tie pilot will mean I will never finish my little robot.
By stroebel83
Grimace wrote:the TC-70 character is Jabba's translator droid from the Clone Wars movie

an odd choice, but a welcome one

hey more realistic cw stuff, I am totally supportive
By DarthMcBaine
Pablo-Jill I´m excited about, the head sculpt looks fantastic! The rest....not sure...another TIE pilot? Another sandtrooper? Another Anakin? More clones? Pfff, There´s still enough new characters to produce, we need a little freshness to the line!
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By darth_sidious
I agree, a dash of new characters is what this wave needs - every single figure in this wave is a rehash - thats pathetic for a toy line thats been around for this long. Resculpts alone wont keep this line alive forever. The only brand new item is one of the BAD figures, FA-4. Comparing this wave to the first wave from this year (TPM) - and 3 of the figures were brand new characters - they could have and should have done something similar for the AOTC 3-D release. Drop all the OT troopers and give us 3 new AOTC characters - now thats something that might have excited collectors...
YAK_Chewie wrote:If it was a later wave, I'd probably order a case. But since this is the first wave of a new line, I'm assuming these will be everywhere, and places like TRU will have decent sales on them about a week after they put them out.


Good point Chewie, although nowadays it's highly unlikely that you will run into a full wave/case in one trip at any retail store, you have to come back a few times to get them so saving that gas, time and effort may be worth it :D
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By JediMerc
I have to admit, I wasn't crazy about this wave selection when it was announced last week, but I figured it'd have to move faster than TPM waves from this year, right? Now I'm not so sure: there are too many clones---I am cloned out!---another sandtrooper (??!?!), a TIE pilot with no differences from the ROTJ wave last winter, and a Geonosian fig that really is nothing exceptional enough to buy again. Even the new Padme and Anakin figures aren't interesting me enough to pick them up. If Hasbro recognizes that there is a slight decrease in demand for prequel figures, then they should have placed just a couple more OT figs that are desirable---and that we haven't seen time and time again (I'm looking at you Sandie and Cloney)---to ensure this doesn't clog things up once again.

I hope that Hasbro limits this wave (though I don't see them doing so), or has another ready to ship concurrently, because I feel less and less positive about the ability of this wave to move off pegs. I really, really don't want to be the downer on this wave, but I get the sinking feeling that we will be seeing TPM figs mixed in with this wave long into the end of next year.
R2: mehh probably end up getting, hope he comes with something else but unlikely

Padme: Yes, yes and yes been wanting a good version since the very first version

Biker Scout: Even if 'new' means just ball-jointed hips it will be good to have a trooper that can sit on a bike.

TIE Pilot: Meh will probably end up getting for the part

Anakin: Cool looking body, but the head is off; think it's the mouth. I suppose a head swap with peasant disguise ani will help?

Clone (Sergeant): It was obvious since the plain white super duper clone that we'd get all the ranks, so happily expected and greens my fav colour.

Sandtrooper: hhmm too many sandies lately, but i suppose the droid part and a new paintjob will do.

Luminara Unduli: Very cool, can't wait and her hat seems to come off.

Red BD: Not a fan of the mold, but does look a bit cooler in red.

Geonosian: Straightforward repack on Sun Fac would be hhmmm, but if it's different and meant to be a simple warrior maybe.

Pablo-Jill: Very nice figure, don't have the previous one.

Clone (212th): Again with such a cool sculpt it was obvious we'd get repaints, just fix the bloody helmets Hasbro. Anyone got a job lot of 41 Clone heads? :lol:

TC-70: Cool design and so yes!
FA-4: Really nice droid, want a vehicle for him.
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