Return of the Build-A-Droid!

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If they are still coming but under a different name fine, but what about the BAD droids shown, i wanted them.
Or they could go Vintage Collection/BAD styley lol.
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By darthmac
This does not suprise me one bit. With the lack of images coming out of Asia I've been thinking this was a growing certainty. Plus, NONE of the collecting websites have been talking about this upcoming line AT ALL.

With the Disney aquisition and EP 7 all of the timelines have been changed. If I had to guess, they don't have time to run a new line, before the next big push, but they can't go a year or so without anything on the pegs (yes, yes, how would this be any different?), so.... The TVC gets extended for another year. With all the negative buzz over the new bad line, I bet they take the best/never vintage style made figures and move them into vintage packaging.
RS have added that 'Our imperial agents have informed us that they expect some, if not all, of the build-a-droid part figures to make it into the new line and that toy aisle resets at retail, beginning as soon as next week, may reveal additional details.' I have to say it, yet again RS don't give credit were credits due and uses that 'our spies' crap.
One thing we know for certain is that Hasbro doesnt like to waste their tooling investment, nor will they ignore the opportunity to repaint certain figures - so I expect to see most / all of these figures released. Personally, I dont care about any of the BAD figures, other than Dooku's pilot droid. I suspect all this nonsense isnt much more than a packaging change, or something like that - nothing to get worked up over... Its a shame however that the source of information is a Target computer system and not Hasbro making an annoucement - they seem to have strayed from the collecting community along with their communication with consumers in general...
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By darthmac
Just finished listening to the 12/24 curto/burns podcast, and they speculated at this very thing, they cited lack of online resellers having any info or pre-orders available yet.
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By YAK_Jayson
AaylaSecurasMan wrote:
YAK_Jayson wrote:Build-a-Droid line cancelled

So is this the big news that you guys said was coming when the TVC repacks were announced Jayson.

Yes, part of it anyway. :wink:
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By YAK_Chewie
I think at Toy Fair Hasbro will be able to officially announce what's going on here. I think it's all going to actually make sense once Toy Fair rolls around, and the cancelling of the B.A.D. concept for Hasbro's line in 2013 isn't going to necessarily be a letdown.

The figures apparently are still coming as we know Hasbro had already tooled them (and probably mass produced the figures), maybe the release will just not be as early as we expected (which kind of makes sense since we already know that TVC is staying around at least through the spring). It's also been hinted that the droids themselves will still be coming out, probably as basic carded figures.

We've got some heavy shipments of TVC apparently coming soon with the "Greatest Hits" waves to hold us over... a lot of people never found those figures that were supposed to be everywhere in 2012.

Thank you Jayson and Chewie for the updates. Looking forward to Toy Fair, in any case it seems that this will be an inexpensive 1H of2013 for me from a Hasbro perspective.
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By Paulskywalker
Lets hope they tell us whats going on at the UK Toy Fair which is only a couple of weeks away.
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By YAK_Jayson
Hasbro has confirmed that this line as been dropped globally. Stay tuned as we await an official response directly from Hasbro.
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