Return of the Build-A-Droid!

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YAK_Jayson wrote:Hasbro has confirmed that this line as been dropped globally. Stay tuned as we await an official response directly from Hasbro.
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With Hasbro now confirming that the line has been discontinued, I can actually understand why they're holding back AOTC related products. It makes sense from a marketing standpoint, but it will certainly anger some kids and collectors. I personally dont mind a break if it means that Hasbro will take the time to manage the basic figure lines properly. I'd rather have no products until they get their collective act together, rather than trying to locate "rare" figures (that wont get stocked) for the next 6 months that will eventually turn into pegwarmers. Perhaps Hasbro learned from the TPM wave(s) - they produced too many TPM vintage figures, and snared retailers into a position that crippled the product flow. They also shipped garbage out with the first wave of MH figures, when the TPM MH figures should have gone out first. In many markets they were never found - I've yet to see a light-up figure from TPM, and those would have been huge sellers if they were on the pegs when TPM 3D was released. I think the best thing they could do is gradually clear everything from retail and reboot with the release of AOTC. The reboot should have 1 realistic line and 1 animated - nothing else. No retailer exclusive waves, no online exclusive waves, etc. They appear to be taking time to figure out the distribution mess that was 2012 - I hope it pays off and we dont lose too many collectors in the process...
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By darthmac
Or they taking time off and will continue to have awful distribution. Yay, I get to work on my Kenner vintage collection!
darth_sidious i can't be discontinued if it never started. :P

I like your optimism, but we've had nothing but stupidity from Hasbro for years now so this could just be the start of a new year of it; also people are assuming this is due to the Disney purchase but we never know it could be nothing to do with that and just Hasbro being Hasbro?
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By darthmadonna
I know I have been pretty vocal on here that I was done after Vintage but I never thought Hasbro was going to help me quit too! LOL
I agree with Sidious. I am still game for new figures even though I am terribly jaded and bitter after the last few years. So if Hasbro can take a break and in turn give me a break but come back strong then I am down to still collect. Either way Hasbro has really toasted my bridge and I am awaiting the ok from the fire marshal before getting back on.
By Jedighost009
Totally dissapointing news as I was looking forward to Droid Factory coming back. Although I must agree, the character selection was lacking. Aside from Pablo-Jill and Mara Jade, I was only looking forward to the new Build-A-Droids.
By Jedighost009
darthmac wrote: If I had to guess, they don't have time to run a new line, before the next big push, but they can't go a year or so without anything on the pegs (yes, yes, how would this be any different?), so....

LOL!!! :lol:

How true. Five Below got more of my money for old closeout waves than the major retailers did for new 2012 waves.
Gamorrean Guard armies rock! :D
By Sybeck1
Totally bummed out by this. Not that was excited about the third retention in a few years of a sandtrooper, it was at least somethings that was new. Now I might be able to find figures I bought online in 2012. I got my fill of those last year, minus an army builder or two. I did say might, because I have no faith in my Walmart that is still flooded with Qui Jonn's and Obi Wans will ever even be getting those. Online retailers will be bummed because demand will probably be down and no new product. I do not understand how some do not mind the line is not coming. It might not have been the best overall figures, but it did mean the line would trudge along a little longer with collectors in mind at least somewhat, and not kids only. This whole hobby might not survive the Phantom Menace debacle it seems.
'Collectors in mind' is something that seems to have been forgotten, yeah some fans defend Hasbro in the decision to focus on kids. But as an article about Hasbro and Mattel said they are struggling to keep lil boys engaged with toys as consoles and tablets are as popular as ever. So why bring in the nets when you should be casting the nets further?

Casual adult consumers and collectors fill this short fall created by the loss of some kids to technology, heck probably 10 times over; are numbers grow more than they shrink likely. Collectors unlike children are a solid consumer base, due to them being die hard fans and being of generations when toys were the thing, adults won't grow up and go away. The only way we'd get bored and dissatisfied is if the offerings were poor; even then we'd find it impossible to let go living in hope.
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By JediMerc
Paulskywalker wrote:Collectors unlike children are a solid consumer base, due to them being die hard fans and being of generations when toys were the thing, adults won't grow up and go away. The only way we'd get bored and dissatisfied is if the offerings were poor; even they we'd find it impossible to let going living in hope.

No doubt that thought is creeping into many a collector's mind right now.

I'd be curious to see what the actual percentage of collectors have been driven away by Habro's struggles over the past year and a half. Every now and then we'll hear of someone posting that they're done, but it'd be interesting to have some hard numbers.

I know this would be unreliable at best, but I'd hazard a guess that not many collectors have truly decided to 'pack it in'. (Maybe 10%?) However, many of us tend to buy multiples of figures/vehicles for carded/uncarded/boxed/opened versions, so even losing a few could put a decent dent in purchases in a given area of the country.
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By darthmadonna
That is a good point about the collector base. NEver really thought about it that way but it makes total sense! :) Yeah, I would love to know how many have walked away from Hasbro. I know out of my friends here I think I am the only one left still actually buying Star Wars product from Hasbro. Even then this last year I was ready to quit, I have really shifted to Sideshow's 1/6th collection.
#126038 have a new report, firstly mentioning Rebelscums 'confirmation' of the cancellation; see RS!! Anyway he's the new bit from JN

What does this mean for the acton figure line? A rumoured new line, cryptically titled "Back in Black", could be the replacement for Droid Factory. Both 4" figures and some sort of deluxe line may be on the way. Hasbro were successful in 2012 at using the name Blue Harvest instead of Angry Birds to keep the line under wraps, so perhaps Back in Black will be Star Wars: Detours action figures... or something else entirely.

In these uncertain times for the action figure line, the rumoured line titles do little to clarify what we can expect - an additional new 4" range, expected to be the same size as a basic figure, is titled "Mission Series Action Figures". These are all listed alongside Movie Legends, Clone Wars and Vintage (extended with 'Greatest Hits' figures).

Hopefully Toy Fair will provide some clarity as to which figure lines will actually make it to store shelves in 2013...
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By darthmadonna
Anyone else think that if Hasbro put in the effort that they do to keep things secret and under wraps and instead focus it to actually giving us some toys, they would do better? I just do not get them worried about secrets etc. I mean if the stuff is good then we will buy it. It does not matter whether or not I know they have "X" figure coming in this or that packaging. All that matters is getting those toys into my hands!
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