Return of the Build-A-Droid!

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By YAK_Jayson
Mace Windu (realistic Clone Wars)
Captain Rex (realistic Clone Wars)
Luke Skywalker (Yavin Ceremony)
Mara Jade Skywalker (Jedi)
Darth Vader (Bespin Betrayal)
A-Wing Pilot
Biggs Darklighter
Clone Pilot (EII)

R8-B7 (Mace Windu's CW astromech)
R5-X2 (Jabba's Astromech)
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By YAK_Jayson
Sybeck1 wrote:Is Biggs a pilot or in his deleted scene wear? I have bought my last rebel pilot so I am hoping he's not a pilot.

I think it will be Biggs in X-Wing pilot gear since don't have a SA version yet.
By Grimace
this will be the 3rd astromech for Mace Windu

first was the Walmart exclusive from 2006 R4-M6, then the version from the animated series that came in the big box with the Slave One last year

I like astromechs but I would love to see a new character instead of this
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By YAK_Chewie
I'm so bored with astromechs and pilots... I know the astromechs will sell at least though.

I'm curious - there's only 8 figures listed in this assortment. What are the other 4? And will Waves 1 and 2 ship at the same time?

And Jabba's astromech I guess is a decent choice for a B.A.D. the more I think about it. I do want that droid.

By DarthMcBaine
Wow, what an extremely dull wave....usually there´s at least one or two to get me excited, but this is lame.

R5-X2 is very nice, but somehow I´ve lost interest in astromechs a little, maybe because I´ve given up on them with the Disney build a droid thing. I won´t be able to collect them all (which is a really stupid argument I admit..). I´ll get Mara Jade if she looks nice enough, I was not impressed with either of the earlier figures.
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By JediMerc
This wave isn't a huge thrill at all, but I think it's much better than wave 1 (AOTC focus).

I didn't feel the urgency for a Yavin Luke, but I'm hoping it will be a pleasant surprise. Rex is an easy pickup---if I can find him---though I'll have to see how the TCW Mace turns out before I pull the trigger. Mara is a MUST for me.

Biggs is a nice addition, but I really don't want to see another X-Wing pilot (unless there's a significant upgrade to the suit). If there isn't, easy pass.
Mace: Some how i didn't realise this was a realistic CWs version, very cool and i hope they capture the sleekness of his character

Rex: Oh yes, I hope it's the Fordo figure but with Rex equipment and Hasbro would be stupid not to add both helmets.

Yavin Luke: I thought the last one was perfect so will be interesting to see how they've improved a new version?

Jedi Mara: I'm not quite sure how she looks as a jedi? :?

Vader: I don't get what'll be different, his hand? Maybe he'll have a string with Han's blaster on the end and when you pull it the gun goes to his hand??

A-Wing Pilot: I wonder in what way this will be different or just a repack?

Biggs Darklighter: All figures of him have been done pretty well except for the X Wing so hmmm. Or are there any EU outfits that are cool enough for a figure?

Clone Pilot: I suppose this will be the Vintage S/A body with new helmet which will be cool.

R8-B7: Wow another realistic CW's character and a minor one at that, and Hasbro said no to realistic CW's figures tut. Cool droid though and i just realised is a nice companion for the above Mace. (Hope this means at some point will get a weequay pirate Astromech).

R5-X2: Was cool to see in the podrace scene and will make a good figure, i just hope Hasbro don't ruin it and make him clean!
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By JediMerc
YAK_Chewie wrote:I am sick to death of X-Wing pilots too... it's so lazy for Hasbro in a way, you know? I'd rather see a new Academy Biggs!

Ooohh...that would be good. Mark me down for 1-2 (if they went that route) and maybe more for customs if he turns out well...
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By darthmac
Mace Windu (realistic Clone Wars) - pass
Captain Rex (realistic Clone Wars) - pass
Luke Skywalker (Yavin Ceremony) - currently the only 2013 figure I'm really interested in.
Mara Jade Skywalker (Jedi) - pass
Darth Vader (Bespin Betrayal) - pass
A-Wing Pilot - pass
Biggs Darklighter - maybe, it has got to be a major upgrade on the tac one.
Clone Pilot - pass

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