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Mara Jade is the only 'most have' for me out of this wave, though the others look decent. These are handpainted prototypes though - the retail versions will look different, so they are 'wait and see' figures.

What I dont like is Hasbro rebooting the CW line into this movie line. Are we all going to re-buy these characters that we already own? I have mixed feelings about my collection being able to support all of these rehashed characters. I understand Obi, Ani, and Ahsoka, and even Rex - but Mace? He doesnt look too great, and they could have given us something original from the CW series, like Tera Sinube...
Mace makes sense to me as he is a movie character and a main CWs character; plus a cost effective way to use existing parts. The days of Voolvif Mon and Roron Corrob are long gone i fear, i think the line would go now 'too niche'.
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By Scarrviper
This wave is mediocre, but it does have a few possible gems. I say possible since we haven't seen the finished samples yet.

Biggs looks great, the likeness looks really good. Glad they seem to be going with the John D. body, he's a needed update.

A-wing pilot is a little disappointing since he doesn't use the new body from the Mon Cal pilot, but overall I'll likely pick one up to go with the rest of my pilots.

Mara looks fantastic. I'm not the EU fan I used to be, but I'll pick her up since I'm still a fan of the thrawn trilogy stuff.

Luke looks to be a huge improvement from the 2007 version, even though this one is a rehash of it. The new parts look solid, it all depend on how the final sample looks, but I'm really looking forward to this figure.

The rest are all pass for me.
After getting CWs phase II Rex and seing the differences in his paint scheme on his body armour i.e light blue stripes and all the tallys, am now wondering if they haven't put a phase II helmet and pauldron with the realistic Rex so they can do an accurate one later on?
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By darthmac
YAK_Chewie wrote:Ok, with 8 figures here, has anything been said about which figures will be double packed? Or is something being carried forward from wave one (please NO!)...?


It's hasbro, of course they are repacking! My guess...

Anakin Skywalker (EII)
Clone Trooper (??)
By dj121
Mara Jade, maybe if she is done well.

Biggs, This depends on if it's an updated S/A body. I have been thinking of making a custom using the S/A Luke pilot body, anyway.

Some of the other figures have potential. Guess I'll see what they look like on the pegs.

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