Return of the Build-A-Droid!

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By YAK_Chewie
New pics from C6...

Mace - looks awful to me

Biggs - a little better than I thought

Luke - pretty skeptical here, but the head sculpt looks great

Mara Jade - the face looks weird... overall, a great looking figure though

Clone Pilot - meh... I'll get it, but mostly for the droid part

A-Wing Pilot - I kind of like it actually because of the head sculpt

Vader - don't need it, but have to get the droid part

Rex - uh... ok, I guess

Mediocre really, maybe when better pictures appear they'll look better; that black background ain't helping especially for Mace.

Rex is cool, i just hope his phase 2 helmet and pauldron will still be with him.

Vader is basically the unreleased POTJ Bespin Vader finally released.
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By drod26
Its going to be very dry 2013 for me... Im only interested on the following:
Luke Skywalker (Yavin Ceremony) - YES
Mara Jade Skywalker (Jedi) - YES..
A-Wing Pilot - Maybe
Biggs Darklighter - Im on the fence on this one, I dont have the TAC version and I am not big on pilots, they all look the same to me.
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By YAK_Chewie
I am not too big on pilots either. I'd rather see more TROOPS made... Rebel Fleet and Hoth Rebel Troopers with variant heads, additional weapons, slight battle damage, etc.




Those images show a few figures better than before... both pilots look ok to me, so I'm sure I'll get one of each, maybe two. Mara Jade looks great though, I'll definitely want several of her.

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By YAK_Chewie




Luke looks really, really good... better than I though. If it looks that good in person, I'll have to get a few for that awesome head sculpt.

Rex also appears to be a really nice figure... I just want one though... same goes for Vader.

Mace looks like the stinker of the group to me. If not for the BAD part, I'd likely pass.

By jlw515
I'm wondering why Hasbro went with the old A-Wing pilot body rather than the new deleted scene Mon Cal A-Wing pilot body?

Not that I'm really complaining, I've always thought the old A-Wing pilot body was good enough. I really do hope though that Hasbro would utilize that Mon Cal pilot body, molded in grey plastic, and finally give us a more movie accurate Grey Squadron pilot.

Ceremonial Luke looks great!! Mara Jade looks pretty cool. I'm thinking that headsculpt would make a great base for a Swilla Corey custom.

Depending on which B.A.D. parts come with each figure, I may be selective on this wave - seeing as how I'm typically an OT collector. Not really feeling it for that Vader. I'll end up buying him just because its OT, plus they've thrown in Han's proper TESB gun; but I really hate scene specific figers (like Emperor's wrath Vader). I'm sure the next Vader on tap with Hasbro will be "Spirit of the Darkside Vader" aka "Dagobah Vader;" this guy is probably due a re-sculpt soon.

Speaking of re-sculpts (since I brought it up!) I would love to see Hasbro do a re-sculpt of ANH Han Solo!! VOTC Han is good and all, but it's about time Hasbro deals with the whole issue of Han's holster, and his skinny legs.

By zedhatch
Ceremony Luke-Really I fell he has been done to death and it never was a look I was really up for, pass. I can deal with the last version.

Mara Jade-ROCKS!!!!! Must have her (which means I will never find her).

Rex-Cool but I feel like I've been there already, Pass

Vader-HMM debateable, if he is that new buck with a better colored head (vs the anh verson) I may but am on the fence here.

Biggs-Where is the pine box action?? OK I'm on the fence here too, he's ok but part of me doesn't feel the need.

Mace-Easy pass.

Pilot-I have more than enough pilots for several years.

1 definate and 2 maybes, not looking like a great year so far.
Rexs face needs to look more like Jango and rough looking, he looks babyfaced there.
By Sybeck1
Let see, 2 clones & 2 pilots in one wave and by the time this wave comes out the 2013 basic figures will be 2/3 through for the year. Makes me wonder about that last wave if it will be the convention exclusive of SDCC or what. Crappy year IMO
By jlw515
Didn't realize this until someone @ Rebelscum pointed it out, and I compared the photos; but Yavin Luke is simply the old Ceremonial Luke but with a different head, hands, belt, and new blaster.

So, in this wave we're basically getting:

Biggs - old John D body w/ new headsculpt
A-Wing Pilot - old A-Wing body w/ new headsculpt
Yavin Luke - old Luke body w/ new headsculpt
Bespin Vader - ROTJ Vader with different hands

And I'm not a Clone War or PT fan, but I'd be willing to bet Mace & Rex are using borrowed parts. So really the only "NEW" figure is Mara Jade.

Thinking back to Wave 1 of Droid factory I seem to remember a TIE fighter pilot - same old body, Biker Scout - slightly re-tooled, Sandtrooper - same old body, and a couple of Clone Troopers - probably repaints and used parts.

So, is this a sign of things to come that in 2013 each wave is going to be made up of re-paints and re-tooled figures? I guess we'll all see how big of chumps we are for B.A.D. parts.

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By YAK_Chewie
Yeah, Hasbro is reusing a lot of parts for many of these figures... which I can't blame them when it makes sense, but they really need to look at getting more cool aliens into the line... each wave should have one exotic/cool alien in it, I think.

I still think this looks a lot better than TVC Wave 2 though, which had 7 TPM carry forwards in it... and I do want to build each droid, so that means I'll get at least one of each figure for sure, and I'm guessing there's a lot of people that will want to do the same.

Mara Jade will be by far the most popular figure in this wave I think, followed by Vader/Rex (yes, Rex reuses parts from the TVC #45 clone and Fordo figure, which makes sense).

Mace and both pilots run the biggest risk of pegwarming.

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By drod26
WOW.. the Mara figure looks outstanding need to get my hands on atleast 4 of these figures.. Both pilots are alright and I wont be disappointed if I cant get my hands on them.
Luke - Goot looking figure and want to see more of it...
Rex - Ill pick one up to go with fordo..

I have no interested on any of the other figures..
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