Return of the Build-A-Droid!

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Which of the first two 2013 B.A.D.s do you prefer?

TC-70 (Jabba's Protocol Droid)
FA-4 (Dooku's Pilot Droid)

When it comes down to it, those two B.A.D. droids are the real only thing exciting about this first wave for me... Wave two, with two astromech B.A.D. figures really sounds depressing.

Both of these two droids are great additions to the line though, they are both pretty unique... I'm not sure which one I like more... I'm probably going to go with Jabba's Clone Wars protocol droid (TC-70) over Dooku's pilot droid (FA-4).

What about you guys? Which one are you more interested in completing?

when I was considering which to choose, FA-4 had 2 more checks in the yes column

it was actually in one of the live action movies, and I don't already have a version of it
I have the TC-70 that came with the CW Jabba set

but I'm still real happy to TC-70 in realistic form
id like to have a couple of the fa-4, it's nice ot see a new droid and i think this one will make a great new worker droid for dio's and such....
I can't pick one. I thought T-70 was such a cool figure when i got him with CWs Jabba, so it is a pleasant surprise to see a movie version. Whilst FA-4, i have liked to have a figure of him for a while; i just want a vehicle for him to go in now.
Both of these are very nice figures. The TC droid has great deco and I'd love to pick him up. I went with Dooku's pilot droid since it's a model we haven't seen yet and I love variation in my figures. Going to try hard to get both of these completed, but that's going to be difficult since I plan on cutting back in this new line and will only be carefully picking and choosing the figs that look the best.
I've not looked at the prices for parts online, if thats the case people are better waiting for the figures they don't really need to go on sale and then have a go at customising. :)

A lot of people swapped on sites, so that would likely be best.
My thoughts are I just grab one of each figure from the first wave and take it from there. At least the figures (even repacks) are decent. But one would expect a whole new line to kick things off with more NEW figures...

I still remember too, that when B.A.D. kicked off in 2008, just a couple weeks after the first wave hit, Wave 2 was already out in force too. I doubt that would happen with these, but it could help move figures more with added variety.

yea, im thinking ill try to catch one of each figure and build them myself. ebay prices on bad droid parts have been a bit unreasonable in the past. case in point, i have had it in my signature for a long long time that im looking for a bad hk-47 right arm, ive had a couple people here on the boards offer help but it ended up being the worng part, on ebay the least ive seen this part go for is $8.00, a bit crazy. like chewie said, if you can find a complete bad droid for around $20, thats not a bad deal...
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