Return of the Build-A-Droid!

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What are your thoughts on the first two waves of 2013 B.A.D.?

Very good, and the droids are a bonus!
Decent, plan to get them all but would not if not for the droids
Poor, only plan on getting a few of these figures
Horrible, don't know what Hasbro's thinking with these figure choices
No votes
With virtually no product at retail (other than exclusives), toy runs are so boring these days... the ideal solution to get things kicked off for 2013 would be some great variety of characters and new aliens, etc... but we're just not seeing that... are we?

I don't know, I've clicked around on the images of these upcoming figures quite a bit lately and really am astounded at how dull and boring Hasbro has made these first two waves.

Agree? Disagree?

Its not just you. This year it was the exclusives that kept me interested and making trips to retail stores. Next year I think my interest will dwindle. The BAD concept was great, and I thought I'd be happy to see it return, but I'm honestly not - especially because the main line figures are pretty boring, and I only plan on getting a few, so I wont be able to build any droids. I hope the other waves in 2013 are more exciting, but I honestly doubt they will be - same goes for the CW line. Maybe obscure characters and fan favorites will become more scarce from here on out?
Very boring, mainly repacks and slight revamps IMO. I think Hasbro took it in the shorts so bad over Phantom Menace they are wanting to place it safe until wave 10, wave MH etc finally flushes itself through the system. They have really limited themselves with selections since many things are on a short list when vintage comes back. Would not surprise me that the whole collection only goes 4 waves at the max.
Whats also interesting is that Depriest and others have said the 2013 BAD line is geared toward collectors, but Mara Jade is the only figure that really seems that way. I honestly feel like all the 2013 products are being geared towards kids, not only the 3 figures lines, but vehicles, deluxe, etc. Perhaps wave 3 of the BAD line and beyond will be different, but I have serious doubts... Right now, the major collector targeted item for 2013 seems to be Jocasta Nu, and that feels like just as much of an insult as a victory...
I agree, we're not seeing much that really seems aimed at adults here.

Really, the droid parts are just about the only saving grace here.

One other note that I don't know has been talked about - somewhere Hasbro mentioned that each wave builds 1 or 2 droids... what kind of wave would only build 1 droid? That's 12 parts for a single droid...? If that's the case, could we be looking at a Probot in this format? Or some other droid with many appendages?


A Probe Droid would be good. But on the subject of adult related collecting i've made my feelings clear at SDCC time, Hasbro and Lucasfilm seem to be going for the kid market next year, tones of no longer pandering to adult collectors came off to me. So the question now is what will the results be and how will they affect us? If they do well next year will that mean they'll go forward further developing the line as 100% kid related and if it goes wrong will that affect the budget again like this year has and will they blame you know who?
Good questions. I feel 2013 is going to be a very important year for the brand... but 2014, with the emphasis hopefully on the OT, could be even more important, and drive Hasbro's approach for the next few years... with how they've handled things the past couple years, I can honestly say that I'm hitting a low point in my interest level.

I'm actually skipping toy runs now because I just don't even care if I get the new stuff. It seems overpriced, and Hasbro's efforts seem lazy.

You are not alone here Chewie.. I my self dont feel like making any more toy runs do to the lack of product and price.. For 2013 I am not expecting much here and I will be downsizing my collecting habits alot. Lets see what happens in 2014 with the return of the TVC..
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