Return of the Build-A-Droid!

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What are your thoughts on the first two waves of 2013 B.A.D.?

Very good, and the droids are a bonus!
Decent, plan to get them all but would not if not for the droids
Poor, only plan on getting a few of these figures
Horrible, don't know what Hasbro's thinking with these figure choices
No votes
I like the BAD figures, but I'm no longer willing to buy basic figures that I dont want in order to get parts. I think the poor character selections so far for 2013 will just lead to collectors spending less money - frankly, I dont mind anymore. I'd like a really diverse selection so that I am buying each figure from the line, and building all the droids, but that doesnt look like its going to happen anymore. As disappointing as it is, I think collectors are being brushed aside...
AaylaSecurasMan wrote:Unless something dramatic happens for TF 2013, it is going to be a long year for collecting, not a lot of offerings :(

This is how I'm seeing it as well. I think even of TF is great, we still won't see a number of things until later in 2013. Nothing against AOTC or ROTS, but we've been seeing tons of Jedi and Clones over the past few years and knowing those are the major players in those two films, I'm sure we'll see a lot of that in the fall.

On the other hand, having less to look for is not always a bad thing. A few really cool things are better than a mass of stuff that I feel like I really need for my collection.
Look on the bright side least will be getting an big OT Slave 1, just hope they don't do anything to cock it up.
Trooper31 wrote:[H]aving less to look for is not always a bad thing. A few really cool things are better than a mass of stuff that I feel like I really need for my collection.

I'm looking at it the same way; there's always 1-2 cool things that Hasbro's able to (somewhat) surprise us with during a year, so I'm holding out hope that my money can be better served waiting for something better than a couple of average figures.

YAK_Chewie wrote:Yeah - when this new stuff starts hitting, I'll be more interested in finding $5 vintage figures at places like Five Below, TJ Maxx, etc. About the only thing that really excites me here is Jabba's droid in the B.A.D. format, and Mara Jade...

I think finding figs that eventually WILL make their way to discount chains is one of the things I'm looking forward to this upcoming year. I always enjoy finding more (and different) pieces to customize with!

Like you, I also am looking forward to the droids in these waves, which makes it frustrating as well (since I have no intention of buying all these figs to get the droid parts. I will probably pick up a Biggs, realistic Rex, a couple of Yavin Lukes, and Mara (if I can find her). The others are either "No" or "I need to see to decide"...
A big problem could be that even if these waves aren't over shipped, they'll still peg warm due to being so BLAH.

We get ANOTHER Tie Pilot, ANOTHER Sandtrooper, more clones ......*sigh*

Only ones I'll probably pick up is realistic Rex (been waiting for him!) Yavin ceremony Luke, and the Mara Jade. Off course she'll be the one impossible figure to find.
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