Return of the Build-A-Droid!

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Our friends at Galactic Hunter have snapped a pic from Hasbro’s booth showing a placard for an exclusive Droid Factory set coming this November for $59.99. It looks to include many of the canceled Build-A-Droids and others from the defunct Droid Factory line.
I'm assuming the other BADs that were originally planned will be in that pack. We know about the first 4, but I think Hasbro had 4 Legacy waves planned, so that means a total of 8 BADs were planned. 8 BADs for $60 isn't too bad assuming we have some decent protocol/6-piece droids in the mix as well.
a couple of months ago, I bought one of the new BADs off of ebay, Dooku's Pilot Droid

the joints on mine felt as if there were permanently attached, much like Proxy's joints

either way, I'm looking forward to learning more about this set, and I'm going to start saving up in case I need 2 sets

I love the BAD concept and I'm happy to see it continue
A multipack with all the BADs that were planned would be cool, and I'd pick it up - but if this is a set with 2 BADs and random repacks and repaints - there is no way. Almost all of Hasbros exclusives seem to be like that though - so I have little hope that this will turn out to be what collectors really want. Their other exclusives are repack / repaint heavy too - Ewoks, scanning crew, Slave 1 - the list goes on. Its getting a bit bland and boring as a collector. I think the exclusives from last year, like the Maul BP, Ewok multipack, and Ewok / AT-ST driver sets were better.
So it is just what was shown, that is so random. Hasbro truly have lost it! Droid factory set with only two BADs......
Does that mean they had already packaged them? Hang on that wouldn't work cus of Dooku's droid being carded.
wow, I might actually just skip this...or follow you ZH and wait for clearance
The only thing that I really want is the protocol droid that you can build.

In a nutshell, this isn't a bad deal by any means - in fact, I sort of liked how the last wave of TVC was online because it was actually EASIER to get those figures than had they been at retail... right? At least part of me saw it that way.

So, I will order one set and open it and have my droid, and some army builders. Then if they get marked down, I will consider another set or two.

I think we'll see this set sit in the Amazon warehouses for awhile, I for one, am not buying a bunch of repacks and repaints that I never wanted to begin with in order to get one new figure that I do want. I'll buy Dooku's droid on ebay or wait for clearance. Hopefully collectors send a message to Hasbro when it comes to this set by "voting with your dollar".

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