Return of the Build-A-Droid!

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YAK_Chewie wrote:Well to build the protocol droid we would have had to buy these figures anyway if these were at retail like originally intended... right?


That's exactly what I thought when I checked this out on Amazon. It seems like the figures will it actually be in a battle pack-styled box, but will be sipped in the original Droid Factory card they were produced on. Looks like Hasbro already had these packaged and ready to ship when the DIsney deal went through and everything ground to a halt...and they finally found someone to take these off their hands.

I predict that this "set" will take quite awhile to sell through at Amazon...
I think I am understanding this set better. You buy a 6 pack of figures for 60 dollars and the pieces for Jabba's Droid makes a 7th figure. Really it is not a bad deal. It is a terribly confusing description on Amazon too though. It would really help them if they got their head out of the ground and actually had pics of what all you were buying. Now I am interested in that red Battle Droid! He is the TVC version right? Dang That I want and along with the BAD's.
It is reminiscent of the last of the film cell figures back in 1997/98. In that group Pote Snitkin, At-at driver, the first death star/imperial navy trooper, and Hoth Leia were an exclusive of the old Star Wars fan club on-line.

Same cost as the black series basically and we get one BAD. Hopefully we can get more of these BAD parts to make other figures.
YAK_Chewie wrote:
Grimace wrote:I bet the folks who buy the set but then sell TC-70 will get back at least half of the initial purchase price

I bet TC-70 will be going for $50 loose on ebay.


That's the funny thing about this. A lot of people won't pay $60 to get the 7 figures, but they'll be willing to pay $30-50 to get one of the BADs. I'm not saying that anybody should buy figures they don't want, because that was a big complaint about BAD the first time, but if you really want the BADs and not the other figures, you could probably still sell the other figures for $7-8 a piece (easily) and possibly more for certain ones. At $7 average for 5 figures, you're looking at $35, making the price of the BADs $12.50.

Also, if you don't want the BADs and even just one of the figures in the set, you could probably make a small profit selling off the BADs and the other figures as well.
That's the main issue for me - I don't want to buy figures that I have no interest in, in order to get one figure that I am. Also, I don't want to buy something, only to sell the majority of it. I actually rarely sell anything - its a waste of time in my opinion - I just give my spares to my nephew... I'll simply skip this set unless it goes on clearance - and if it does - give the extras away...
I just spent $110 for the diorama walls, $70 for the Slave One, $30 on some black series figures and well over $200 on other stuff for my kids the past 2 weeks - which is $400 more than I'm used to spending over the past 2 weeks. I also have my daughter and wife's birthday coming soon.

So I might just order 1 set for now, and if they go on markdown, a second set.

Looks at what comes in this set... I do actually like most of the figures.

TC-70 - Damn right, I've wanted this guy since the first time I saw him in the CW cartoon movie. And not an animated one. A realistic version. I want his Hutt master too... I kind of want two of this droid.

FA-4 - Kind of a weak offering, to be honest. A new droid, yeah... but I dunno. Just one is all that I really care about.

Geonosis Battle Droid - Well, I'm glad in a way to see the TVC sculpt for this droid but it does seem like a punch in the bag for people that want an army of him to have to order this. I suspect we will see quite a few loose copies of him on ebay. I kind of want 3-4 of him.

Utapaua Clone - YUCK! Damn this helmet. I hate it.

Sandtrooper - I like! He has more of a black wash than the previous one... and I'd actually like a squad of these guys. Maybe 4-5?

Geonosian Warrior - This is not needed but it's a good figure. I think Hasbro was a bit foolish to make this one. He'll be available on the cheap on ebay...

TIE Pilot - Not a bad figure, but not one that I even care about. I've got enough pilots.

I like both droids and would buy them separately - and the other figures aren't "bad", I just own them already, or a very similar version. Frankly, if they never made another Battle Droid, Geonosian Warrior, Sandtrooper, TIE Pilot, or rehashed clone again - I'd never complain about it. If these were all on basic cards, I could care less if they were released, I simply wouldn't buy them. Forcing them down our throats to get 2 droids just isn't the way to go about it - and what kids are going to be ordering these? If you're going to release figures in a BP or "set", have it make sense, and have them all be "new enough" to warrant a purchase by enough kids and collectors to make it a success. This set doesn't have those elements.

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