Return of the Build-A-Droid!

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I don't really have any interest in these, other than the TC-70. Not that I want to pay 50.00 for one droid, but I'm not going to pay 60.00 for figures I don't need or want. I'll try to pick up a couple of the Sandtrooper from the secondary market, and keep an eye on the over seas sellers for TC-70
YAK_Chewie wrote:Forum member JawaKing told me today that his Droid Factory 6-pack exclusive from Amazon shows as shipped with delivery estimate for Oct 31. Anyone else get shipping notices yet?


no shipping notice yet, but yesterday got 1 email saying delivery est...mid dec!!! despite that i i ordered on 7/20) then today i got new email w/ new upated delivery eta....halloween +/- a day!!! yippie!! that makes more sense.
I just ordered these from the US Amazon site, £29.34 with shipping and import fees. Pretty good for seven figures!
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