Return of the Build-A-Droid!

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I guess there is a limit on these. I am not allowed to order anymore. when I try it says there is a quantity limit and my cart was adjusted to 0. I have ordered a total of 5 sets over the last few months. Anyways anyone who wants to ditch the Red battle droids keep me in mind please :D
I got a price adjustment and will get a $15 refund. So that takes what i paid down to about £20.15, wow!
Received my DF set today - cant believe how small the box is, haha. At $14.99 its a great deal, and with my Amazon rewards, I paid like 10 bucks for it. I think the drastic price drops really set a precedent for future exclusives. From now on, if they pack 1 new figure with 6 repaints, I am going to wait until clearance. I paid less for the whole set, than I would have had to pay for FA-4 on ebay...
I agree, spending the original amount of $59.99 for the Droid Factory wave would be a waste of money. That is why I waited to order them. I knew from the first price drop that Amazon would do what it did last year, lower its prices on figures in order to sell more of them. I am glad i waited and buying two packs at the discount price was less than the original price for one set of the Droid Factory figures. Granted I paid $24.00 per set but it was worth it. 14 figures for $48.00 is one heck of a great deal. Glad I waited.
I ordered two set. Got the first one for 29.99, but when they dropped to 14.99 I got the price adjustment. I tried to snag another set at that price, but by the time I could they went up to 19.99. I still placed the order. Two sets for a total of 35 bucks! How can you pass that up?

I have not opened the second set yet, but the FA-4 from the first set does not have removable limbs. Or I'm just too afraid to pull hard enough.
YAK_Chewie wrote:This set really was great... especially the Sandtrooper and two droids.

I've love to see Hasbro bring back this concept. I never get sick of build-a-droids.

Surprised we never saw them go down this road with clone troopers and other troops.


That would be great Chewie! A wave full of different clone troopers and they all made another droid. I wish they would do these waves more often especially at the great clearance prices. I love me some clones! :D
What an odd find, a second news story says, "They were found for $19.99 each at a Go! Calendars outlet in Pooler, GA". Most of these figure / cardback combos were never released, and were instead put on TBS cards. Other than the Sandtrooper and BAD, the figures shown in the story weren't part of the Amazon exclusive.
Any chance that someone who lives near one of these GoCalendars stores could be coaxed into helping out and getting some of these for people on the boards? I'd be very glad to compensate a collector for doing it, rather than hunting on ebay. At least someone here would take better care with them.

Anyone who can help, please do PM me. There's no such store anywhere in my neck of the woods.
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