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By darthvlad
I've yet to find Beckett. I've already picked up the newest wave via dorkside, but Beckett's nowhere to be found with all the backlog of previous waves warming pegs.
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I got Beckett off of Amazon. Finally found the Gamorrean Guard at Target yesterday, and ordered Dengar as well. I had the Imperial Patrolman in the shopping cart at 20 bucks but when I went to check out it shot up ten bucks.
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By darthvlad
Finally found Beckett a while ago.... but not the point I have to make.

I've been finding that my most recent Black Series purchases (and I've heard that some of the TVC is having issues as well) are having really tight joints... usually in the ankles or elbows. Now, I don't usually do a lot of posing. Most of the time it's just making the figure look normal when I display it on the shelf and some how the ankle is at a peculiar ankle. I've used the boil and position the joint how I want, but I'm surprised that it doesn't loosen up at all after a bit of messing around (days after the boil and pop). I think both of the Fleet Troopers I bought had issues with the elbows that I really don't want to bother too much with them. I've never had issues with tight joints before so is there some kind of QC issue going on at Hasbro or did I win the lottery for tight joint figures?
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