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By darthvlad
YAK_Chewie wrote:Glad they are making this, though I think perhaps that really isn't a great likeness of the character's face.

I really hope he gets a new TVC figure - very well deserving. I always loved this character.


Agreed on both accounts. That's just some random Imperial to me. Not even close to Piett. I might skip on it.
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By StooperZero
after seeing more closeup pics..

Krennic body with a generic face, hope he never goes missing cause nobody would recognize him .

Supposed to be more reveals by the end of the day
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By darthvlad
Picked up the 6" Dewback today at Kirkwood, MO Walmart. The neighboring Target had nothing new.

While at Walmart, I strolled by the clearance aisle and found a Kylo Ren Throne Room "variant". The figure was missing the cape, but the face had a Shazam facial scar done with marker, instead of his helmet, there was a custom melty Vader helmet (not sure if the person popped of Vader's head and tried to melt it, or used a knife to soften edges... maybe both). The throne room pieces were replaced by something else (not sure from where it came). I took pictures, but I can't post them here for some reason. I did send them via text to Chewie and Jodo, plus email the news link, so maybe you'll see it.

So, Chewie found a Rey exclusive variant at the TRU down the street, I the Kylo Ren, so I'm guessing there's a Luke out there somewhere.
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By StooperZero
that luke target exclusive just sits and pegwarms here.

just like the Kylos at walmart.

I've seen nothing except crap I already have at gamestops and targets. Not in the mood to pay full retail for stuff I'm chopping up anyways.
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