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By darthvlad
Bought Last Jedi today. I was wondering if there'd be some shipper with figures at Target or Walmart, but nothing. No celebration of the movie release (not even the Battle of Crait set). Sad. Sign of the times?

Also, nary a 6" figure at either store. Where did the Jyns and Cassians go? The incinerator?
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By StooperZero
saw boxes of 6" figures today at walmart. big stamp on the side that reads "Not to be displayed until April 13th" AKA... wont be allowed in system until then.

Ship date from hasbro was ... 3/30/2018

Production date was some time back in december on the oldest box.
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By Kooshmeister
With all these awesome figures, each wave better than the last, and so few duds, it's a great time to be a Star Wars fan. I've been waiting for the Grand Moff to be made in 6" form ever since the Black Series first started years ago, and not he's finally here and I am not disappointed. Great likeness. Perfectly-sculpted uniform. Brilliant accessory. :D

Heck, I even went from really not liking the Range Trooper design to "gotta have it" after seeing enough pics of the figure. :lol:
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By Kooshmeister
Bah! Another Imperial trooper I must own! I like the brownish gray (grayish brown?) interior. I liked how Hasbro did blue interior for the Force Spirit Obi-Wan Walgreens exclusive, and this, although more muted obviously, seems to be in the same vein. Will this be a regular thing with exclusive figures going forward?
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