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YAK_Chewie wrote: As for the asto droids through tunghori, if he charges $20 per droid, remember shipping for one figure is $5, and $1 per additional figure. So. If you buy 2 droids, you are $46.


True, if he charges $20 for them. He may not. Right now he is selling the astromechs from the Wal Mart exclusive Naboo Royal Starship set for $6.99 each, so he might not charge $20 for these.

So, I'll put this out there, is there anyone who is only interested in the four from the Clone Wars?
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darthapathy wrote: So, I'll put this out there, is there anyone who is only interested in the four from the Clone Wars?

What they could have done was a pack with the whole D-Squad of 4 astromech droids, Pit Droid, and Col Gasgon. Boom! 5 figures and only one new mold needed (I'm considering Gasgon is more of an accessory. They could mold him sticking out of the one droid's head). Now THAT is a "set" of figures! Instead you get ONE droid from D-squad which means you now have an oddball that goes with nothing. Come on Hasbro, THINK!!!
YAK_Chewie wrote:I'm pretty happy the Royal Guard is coming back... wonderful choice, but I imagine he could be hard to get a few of.

Wonder if he will actually be on the pegs September 30? Given how this hobby has collapsed, my guess is no.


Considering I have yet to see a single figure from the Walmart BS wave 3.... I'm not gonna hold my breath. TRU, Target, Walgreens, Kmart. All of them do a good job stocking their exclusives. Walmart has shown they don't care. They half ass it.
My area is the worst at distribution. Maybe they'll actually stock the Phasma/Han/Leia wave cause I've yet to see any sign of those!!! Tempted to go for the first time ever in the hopes of picking up one or two ERGs... but I'll be out of state... which means I may have a BETTER chance of finding them... but on vacation so I won't be able to check anyway...

Guess I'll just have to watch everyone else get them.
I really only want Ashoka, but I'll probably get a IRG as well. I still like the POTF2 ones for some reason!

I just hope the RO figures rumor ends up being true...I really only want the Death and Shore Troopers, but I'd welcome any SA figures either way. Honestly, of those two army builders, I'd probably be down for 6 of each.
I got all the tvc royal guards i needed (5x off amazon) but will pick up one more for my royal guard focus collection. Also if anyone finds a Phasma (3 3/4" tbs) I still have not found this one. Thanks!
Stop. Rumor Time. We’ve received a tad bit of intel regarding a future (not necessarily the next) wave of 3.75″ Black Series figures coming to Walmart next year.

Without spilling the beans fully, I can hint that all four will probably be repacks; two of them are potential army builders, one is a very requested figure from the Original Trilogy offered briefly in the Vintage Collection and one is a perennial favorite. Any guesses? Stay tuned for more vague rumors and cryptic writings (maybe even for Episode VIII) in the coming days.
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