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Grimace wrote:were those shoulder joints on the Scout Trooper still black or have they been fixed?

They are still black
I'm still waiting on my Luke/Biggs preorder from TRU, but I did get TSC Hem Dazon off eBay. Awesome looking cantina alien, the joints are dated, but I don't see hasbro revisiting this guy anytime again.

I can't believe they are reissuing that awful biker scout, the paint and joints are terrible.
Still no Black Series in the Twin Cities, but I did pick up The Rise Of Darth Vader battle pack. Pretty cool for a bunch of repacks; I didn't have the "light up" Darth Vader or the TVC Emperor, so why not. Two vintage style figures and an old ROTS figure and accessory with the "light up" Vader that I never saw on a shelf. They also had all the new Saga and Mission Series figures, and I have to admit that these are growing on me. They look pretty darn good, but of course they are very simple. I do get a strong twinge of childhood nostalgia for the 70's and 80's looking at these; I might just stick with OT figures. Anyway, can't wait for the Black Series! New stuff!
This was the Sunset Hills TRU, right off Hwy 44 and Watson.

I also hit the South County TRU (Hwy 55 and S. Lindbergh) on my way home as I really wanted a second Padme... and SCORE! They had a case there too. The only figure missing was Luke.

So, I ended up today with the following:

Luke x 1
Padme x 2
Green Clone x 1

Eventually, I will probably grab a couple clone pilots, then I'll be done with this wave. It really is a lousy wave in my opinion. Hard to believe that Hasbro thought this was a good assortment to launch a new line.

had to go to Target since TRU was sold out already, but I got the Clone Pilot, Biker Scout, Clone Sgt and Anakin

I had to look at the Clone Sgt a few times
the green is so dark at first glance I thought it was black against the black card back

these new cards rhyme with "duck"

I hope they have a very short life
So far no signs of the new 3.75" Black Series figures in my area, but I'm keeping my eyes peeled and might make a couple of store runs sometime tomorrow.
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