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Finally spotted my first TBS Wave 3 figure "in the wild" as opposed to a specialty store. Commander Neyo at a Target in Dallas. But honestly, I'm so tired of clones at this point I just can't get excited by it. Everything else was Biggs, Anakin, and Biker Scout.
Trooper31 wrote:
Raylen wrote:Just came out of another Kmart i havent been to in about a year. Wave 1, thats it.

I'll be interested to hear about what you find next year, then. :lol:

My guess is TVC Qui-Gons, Obi-Wans, Battle Droids, and Naboo Royal Guards.
At least somebody's finding Plagueis at brick-and-mortar retail. I have every Wave 2 and 3 figure except for Mara and Plagueis but will be taking care of that soon if I can seal a couple of cool deals.
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