Discuss of Hasbro new line in the 3-3/4" scale & 6" scale

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Yeah, I saw Snowtroopers last night at Ross for $3.99, and General Leias for $2.99.



With all the 6" stuff that 5 Below has been getting in (not just Star Wars, they have received Guardians of the Galaxy and a ton of Batman 6" figures), it's looking like the 6" market can't keep up with all the product. Supply may be exceeding demand.

this my theory, & I think it will bore fruit. over the last 3-4 years, Ross is the only one between tj maxx/marshalls to get any 6 inch Hasbro stuff. Ross is the only one who seems to get to pick anything they want and the leftovers goes to whomever. I see next year Ross getting what is left over from the store exclusives. target's exc moloch, leia, & some guards, mimban trooper from Walmart as well. there is too much crap peg warming and a lot of stuff either hits and floods the pegs, making forth coming waves harder to find, stores cutting back on their orders, and just flat sales. Disney, to me, has killed sw. too much to soon, every year. plus with solid cases being available, retail suffers. mark my words, Ross will be the sw discounter for the forth coming future.
Agreed, Disney is hurting the brand and retailers are suffering. Hasbro is now being impacted too; I'd think the impact takes a little longer to trickle down to them.... then eventually Disney takes their hit when it's time to renew the license.

As for discounters, 5 Below and Tuesday Morning have been getting in boatloads of stuff too.

Unfortunately haha, it's always a weird run around at the check-out there. Lines were backed up about 10 deep with full carts and the person at the register just walks away and takes a lunch break like nothing is going on. I was just going to leave it, but my girlfriend (bless her) was like I don't want to see you moping that you didn't get this later and withstood the gauntlet for me.
I was just thinking that, she took a checklist of my missing figures with her Christmas shopping today. I've never had that before with prior girlfriends, they've merely tolerated my hobby and kind of stayed away from picking up figures for me because they never knew what I had and didn't have. This one wants to help and loves the toys themselves.

Anyways I got me a nice Zuckuss yesterday at the Disney store. I put Captain Phasma with the battle damage on Santa's list. I picked up a few of the die-cast droids as well, those are really cool. A bit bigger than the 6 inch toys, but I think the GONK droid fits in.
TheHyperspaceVault wrote:Did Five Below get any Scarif Shoretroopers with the other Rogue One figures?

Are you asking about 3.75" or 6" here... for clarity's sake. I have seen (not personally) reports of the 6" Scarif Squad Leader hitting Five Below. Not sure about the 3.75". Maybe Ross might carry them?
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