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[quote="Jodo"]They didn't ring up at Centralia today either. :/

LOL When you said "Centralia", I couldn't help but think about the abandoned town here in PA. Pretty sure there's no Walmart there! LOL
I barely ever go on toy runs anymore, but yesterday I hit a Walmart on my way into work just because I felt like it- and that's when I saw the Luke and Rose figure. I was really surprised.

I then went on my first lunch break in over a year - just so I could try and find the Stormtrooper and Praetorian guard at another Walmart - no luck, but I did find a couple more of Rose.

After work, I went by two more Walmarts - and found a Stormtrooper.

All in all, I hit 5 Walmarts becauase I also went to stores after work... I saw the following:

Luke x 1
Stormtrooper x 2
Rose x 9

I bought:

Luke x 1
Stormtrooper x 1
Rose x 3

I would have bought the other Stormtrooper, but the paint job on it was hideous. There were two really bad black smears on his face.

Interesting idea. She's a great figure with loads of customizing potential - and as a customizer, thrilled she has the soft torso! So does Luke. The only downside is how small she is, which kind of limits what one might be able to do. I'd love to see a male figure in this same outfit, upscaled a bit to be the size of the normal rebel fleet trooper. I'd buy a lot!

Also, my Luke has a problem. His left hand falls out. The peg is just so tiny... so, I swapped his left hand out with another from my custom fodder parts.

I saw Rose at Kirkwood Walmart today. I didn't buy her. I guess Monday was the big day (and I was going to hit stores yesterday too) but I missed out since one of my kids was home sick.

Still tons of Han, Leia and Finn there, so I hope more cases come in after these initial ones.

Picked up the TRU Gree today. Looks nice!
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By Jodo
Darth Vlad's Clone wrote:Any extras? I'd take a Luke.

I'm in Edwardsville now. :/ I'll look here though!!!

Raylen wrote:
LOL When you said "Centralia", I couldn't help but think about the abandoned town here in PA. Pretty sure there's no Walmart there! LOL

Yeah, we get that a lot! Oddly enough, there was a huge mine disaster in IL's Centralia as well.
Since we're in a lull between 3.75" waves, and I have all the basic figures I want, I purchased the TBS 6" Vader on a whim. I would never have forked out the $40 for the fancy packaging and display of the 40th Anniversary figure, but I have to say that this figure is great. It's only my second 6" figure, but the detail is superb. They even have the different shades of silver on the cheek portions of the helmet. Amazing.
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