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Darth Vlad's Clone wrote:I curious to hear your impressions. Mitaka or no.

He just came today. I was excited to learn from various sources that despite appearing bald with the hat on, he's actually got a "Himmler haircut" on underneath it... and disappointed to learn when having him in hand that the hair is painted on (!) as opposed to sculpted. I would've preferred they leave the head completely hairless if all they're gonna is paint it on lazily like that. Overall, he's a decent figure, a good reuse of the disguised Finn body from the regular line.

It definitely isn't Mitaka; the face is a lot craggier than it appears in promotional shots, plus the fact Mitaka had more hair than this guy had. I still maintain that it more resembles another First Order officer, Datoo, but even he had more hair than this (and it was very light in contrast to this figure's darker hair). Overall, I'm unsure if he's intended to represent a specific character who'll appear in The Last Jedi or if he's a complete generic like the Death Squad Commander.

The uniform is a little grayer than I'd like, as opposed to completely black (looking at pics, it seems as though Finn suffers from this same issue). On the plus side, paint apps are good. The First Order emblem on his hat and the writing on his cuff title (more on this in a second) are applied cleanly and pretty detailed, given their very small size. His gloves and boots are very glossy and definitely seem like leather or rubber or whatever the First Order makes gloves and boots out of. His eyebrows look like shaggy caterpillars, but both they and the paint comprising his sorry excuse for hair are applied cleanly. It seems only his code cylinders are painted sloppily.

His gun is an SE-44C and is more or less the same blaster that comes with Hux, the disguised Finn and the First Order Stormtrooper, just with different colors. There's more silver than black in comparison to theirs. Then we have his hat. Like the rest of his uniform it's a mix of duller gray plastic, with some glossier paint applied for the visor. I'm pretty sure the entire hat is a completely new sculpt and not Finn's being reused; the proportions are a lot different. In particular, the visor is much shorter and hides his eyes a lot less.

And lastly, his cuff title. Apparently it's Aurebesh for "Dillon." Which isn't his name. Apparently, First Order officers denote rank by wearing the name of different Imperials on their uniform cuffs. Dillon is one such Imperial, and officers bearing his name hold the rank of captain. So while this guy has no name, we at least know his rank.

Overall, a pretty good figure. Now I just need some Stormtroopers for him to command. :)
Had a good day at work and decided to check out the Walgreens on my way home. Well, I was shocked to find the new Poe and behind him was the Praetorian Guard!!!! I was shocked. The Poe had a very weird head sculpt. He had way too much neck and looked off. Very happy to find the guard though. No Ghost obi-wans sadly.
Just went to Wal-Mart a few minutes ago to talk with a friend there and bam looky what I found only two years late on release lol.
Captain Cassian Andor.jpg
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Scarif Stormtrooper figure.jpg
Same here with the Scarif/Cassian wave. I've now found it cropping up around here too. Was finally about to get two more Scarif's between two different stores. I picked up 2 extra Cassians for customs. So, does this mean by January we'll start seeing the Poda Boba wave? LOL Its mind boggling how bad WM has handled this exclusive. They should be banned from holding any more.

I got excited cause it looked like the AT ST had been marked down to $40 but turned out the wrong shelf tag was there. Its sad to this this really fine vehicle shelf warming everywhere. If we aren't showing support, then they're less likely to give us good vehicles again. At the same time, I'm sure many of us are playing the long game. With how hard its warming, it could very likely hit $30 on clearance. I already have an AT ST but if its gets down cheap enough, I'm not gonna pass up another.
Picked up part of 6" wave 2 today at Kirkwood Target (Leia, Maz and Praetorian). Not sure if I'm keeping the Guard yet, but figured I should grab it now or never find it again. Might wait and see how cool they are in the movie. I think I just want to focus on the OT since these take up so much space (compared to 3.75").

I had planned to make a couple stops at various locations, so it was nice to find them on the first stop.
YAK_Chewie wrote:The Walmart by me restocked with the Ackbar/Lando wave again. Good Lord.

I've never seen that wave at all.... ANYWHERE
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