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I was in Gettysburg, Pa the other night (its about an hour plus from home) and the pegs were packed with the Ponda Boba wave. There were even a couple Cassians there. Meanwhile back home, all my WMs are still brimming with Han, Leia, and Finn.
YAK_Chewie wrote:For some reason I was thinking you already had those. How many of each are you wanting?

I'm sure I responded to this, but maybe it got lost in the glitches (like my former self did)... so this is mhy Grand (Moff) Re-Opening!

Not sure if I want any of the TBS TLJ figures besides Luke and some mains. Maybe the royal guard, but I think I'm waiting to see how the they and the executioner turns out in the movie... and not a fan of skittle troopers in general. Oh, I didn't get the Tusken. It's still on pre-order. :cry:

I did get the Hef figure with Throne. Looks nice though the tiny ankle joints worry me. I've been debating on whether to get the Guards 4-pack. I've already have 2 ERGs, I don't care about the Shadow Guard, am curious if the other Praetorian will be released separately, and kind of like the Blue Senate Guard (which I doubt will be re-released separately). So, do I pay $80-90 to get 1, maybe 2 figures I want and sell of the others?
My fledgling First Order army has its leader. I nabbed the Snoke throne set from GameStop. They had three. One had been damaged by a box cutter. The woman working there insisted I take one of the non-damaged ones, but, being an opener, I insisted right back on the one that had the slit in it, so someone else could have their pick of the two minty ones. :D
Kooshmeister wrote:Figured Snoke could use some more forces...

I picked up the Guards of Evil set from Barnes and Noble ($10 cheaper than GameStop). I am not sure if I'm going to keep it though. It's a nice set of four guards, however, I have two ERGs already and I'm not big into EU so the Shadow Guard doesn't mean anything to me. I like the look of the Senate Guard though and I'm doubting that this will get a single-box release with Hasbro/Disney's attitude toward the EU. I would think this Praetorian might get a separate release down the line, but I haven't heard anything about it. Anyone know? I'm hesitant on whether I want the Praetorian as I'd like to see how they are in the movie. Anyway, I guess I bought it today since I really didn't want to deal with shopping during the holiday season. I can return it in the new year once the excitement dies and I've seen the movie.
No idea about the Senate Guard myself. If I ever get my own Guardians of Evil boxed set, though, the one in it is yours; I have no use for 'im.

As for the First Order, the Officer came yesterday and I also bought a regular release Praetorian Guard off of eBay. So now Snoke will have the first of his personal bodyguards as soon as he arrives. My goal is at least two to go on either side of the throne.
darthvlad wrote:EE has the Order 66 4 pack of skittle clones for $40 and free shipping so I bit on that. Now I wish I had picked up Comm Cody back in the day.

I actually just picked up Cody at a Walgreens. There were two there. It's kind of sad in a way since they've been there since last year.
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