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The Walmarts around here are so dead on Star Wars right now. No 6" stuff, a free 3.75" Finns from TBS that nobody wants, a bit of Solo and no vintage. But, Jurassic World is selling like gangbusters and keeps getting restocked.

At least Target is trying some. But Walmart is certainly not.

Oh, I did pick up an Ackbar / First Order officer 6" 2-pk yesterday at Toysrus for $15.

I'm actually tired of the hunt in the StL area. There's never anything new, especially at Walmart. I don't think Targets really restock either.

I did place an order for cheap ERGs, with a Thrawn and Stormie. I've also pre-ordered 4-LOM (along with a Marvel Legends TRU exclusive) from BBTS who is surprisingly cheaper with their standard rate shipping than if I went with EE's progressive shipping (even though items are cheaper).
The Walmart here has:

-A few 3.75" Black Series (Ackbars mostly) that nobody is touching.
-Force Link figures which are also not going anywhere.
-Empty pegs for 6" figures.
-2 Dewbacks
-En endcap consisting of some Darth Vader helmets, Lego sets, Force Link figures, and 6" Solo figures (currently consisting of 3 Hans and 2 Range Troopers, but there were also a third Range Trooper, 1 Death Star Trooper and 1 Jawa).

There used to be some TVC, but they're all gone now, and Walmart hasn't restocked them.

I got the one Death Star Trooper as noted, and also today I nabbed one of the three Range Troopers. Someone beat me to the Jawa.
None of my Walmarts are stocking....well... anything. Some force links and Vader Helmets. The rest is empty. All of them. And all have gotten rid of 6" entirely except for the Dewback. Target recently got a shipper at least and they had a bit more like the speeder which I haven't seen at WM at all. Gamestop is the only place that seems to give a rats rear end about getting new product. I got my 6" Range Trooper there. ONE store on ONE visit and never seen again anywhere. Good thing I don't want 6" Qira or Lando cause I've never seen em. Never seen Chewy. Being that GS is priced higher than most other places, the reality is I'll soon be paying a premium for everything.
StooperZero wrote:Got a 4-LOM at gamestop.

Cringed at that $22 price tag, but finding him again and what scalpers want may make that a chore.

Yeah, pretty much you pay the up-charge at Gamestop or pay the up-charge online. Sadly this is now the reality of the hobby
I'm beginning to think we need a Recent Non-Finds thread. There's been virtually no restock at Target of Solo/TBS stuff since the last time I've been there. Walmart has decided to quit Star Wars altogether I fear. I believe all their exclusives are immediately finding their way to dumps.

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