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I did a toy run in the STL area with all the reports of Targets putting out aisle displays in hopes of picking up Baze and Chirrut. Hit Kirkwood, South County, Fenton, Ballwin, and Town & Country. Only 2 had the displays up, but most had the AT-ACT Driver. Only found Baze in the long run, so I was partially successful. I'm wondering if most of those displays will be put up when Rogue One is released next week.
darthmac wrote:Picked up 3 Kmart exclusive Jyn's for $5 ea at a going out of business Kmart.

i got mine for $11 .

so many jyn,rey and kylo kmart figures at the one i go to . really waiting for the rest of the store to hit 75% off.

^ Lucked out today and scored those two at my local Target (Arnold, MO). They rang up for $19.99 each, but they price changed it for me since the tags all say $9.89 for Black Series figures now (except for the AT-ACT driver figure).

Of note, the only figures that rang up for $9.89 were Jyn, Cassian and the Death Trooper... they had a couple fo Krennic and Kanan, and those also rang up at $19.99.

Next aisle down, more of Hasbro's 6" figures were marked down to like $12.89 or something... looks to me likeHasbro has oversaturated the market with 6" stuff... hopefully the pendelum will start to swing back toward 3.75"... I think it might already be headed back in that direction.

StooperZero wrote:i really think hasbro put the brakes on the revan/snowtrooper wave and used all those obi-wans and leias for the 40th cardbacks and the remaining ( at-at,trooper,sabine,revan) will just be fillers for future waves.

That's fine by me. If it means more people can get the remaining Revan wave figures I am good with it. I found the Vader Legacy pack this morning at Target. I had a Team member pull it from the back. The set is really cool and I love the carded Vader. He will remain that way. Though I found a cool use of the stand.
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