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I'm beginning to suspect the Garner Post Office is run by complete incompetents; despite the package with my Jawa being marked as delivered and in the parcel locker, there is no corresponding key to it in my mailbox. This is the second time this has happened. :evil:
The Prototype Fett Walmart.com can't seem to keep in stock. Oh, Start checking TRU if you are still looking for the Revan wave. I saw the whole wave including Revan at our TRU and I got there about an hour after they opened. I got him and the AT-AT driver to get the 2 for 20 deal.
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By Jodo
EndorJunkie wrote:Black Series prototype Boba Fett is in stock on Wal-Mart.com as of 11:55am!!!

Thanks for that!!! :mrgreen: I just ordered two of them, but had to do a Google search because they didn't show up under Walmart's listings. :|
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