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I hit 3 local Walmarts since I was in their vicinity to check on the 3.75" TBS stock. All of them had Rose (and multiples) and no one else. Needless to say, I still haven't bought her and not sure if I will. Just looking for Luke and I'll call it good.
Here's my latest haul...


Got those at ToyMan show in St. Louis yesterday. Got a decent price on the new stuff, and the Guavian for just $5.00. So, all of that for $57.00. :)

I also noticed a tidbit on the back of the Praetorian Guard box that indicated "they guarded Snoke" - I find it curious that it referred to in "past tense" rather than present tense... hmmm...

Oh and the Praetorian is a wonderful figure, just seems a bit tiny?

I finally found a Hermit Jedi Luke today at Shrewsbury, MO Walmart. I almost passed him by even though he was front and center. There were only 4 figures and 2 were Rose (the other Finn) and they stuck out, so I figured I missed out. Glad to be done with him.
Kooshmeister wrote:Bleh, still waiting on my First Order Officer to come in the mail.

I curious to hear your impressions. Mitaka or no.

I dropped by a Walmart today and found to Scarif Troopers, which I nabbed for Chewie and/or Jodo. The pegs were almost full of Jyn, Cassian and Rose, so I figured someone had already nabbed them, but I dug further and found them. With such a surprise find, I failed to look for the Kylo Ren exclusive or to see if the 6" Speeders were at $22 as some have reported. Anyway, happy to find these (even if they are for friends). I'm sure these will be found all over the place now and the TLJ wave will be MIA. :lol:
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