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I forgot that I had more Black Series goodness on order. Found a package on the porch and find that Rose and Eadu Jyn were there. For $8, I couldn't pass on Jyn.

As for the Throne Room set, I love that Kylo has a cloth cape, but there's nothing to hold it in place. You just drape it over his shoulders. I never paid much attention, but is that the way it is in the movies? No clasp or chain? Also was disappointed to find that the helmet is not hollow, but just an alternate head to swap out. I'm also debating whether to buy another Kylo Ren to puddy/paint some bandages over the scar. Would prefer to do so in 3.75" scale, but it's a bit costly having to buy several figures to make a decent one.

I placed my 3 guards around Snoke. Looks neat. Would be better if the arms could be more articulated to create more action poses. The armor really limits any movement, so they might just stand at attention. The Guard from the 4-pack has cloth, which is better than the regular or amazon versions, but the plastic for the break-away weapon is very brittle.

I'm going to have to rearrange my display case some more.
Decided to nab a loose Ackbar off of eBay so Opan can have his boxmate.

Oh yeah, turns out that generic First Order Officer is modeled off of Captain Opan, one of the Finalizer officers in the movie, played by Patrick O'Kane:


I flipped through the Visual Dictionary at Walmart. Apparently he's Hux's personal aide.
My Amazon-exclusive Praetorian Guard with Heavy Blade came today. Also, I went back to Walmart and blew pretty much the remainder of my Christmas money on Finn in First Order Disguise, another Snowtrooper and another regular Praetorian Guard.
K-2 and Ackbar arrived today. When I took them into what I'm now calling "the action figure room," I discovered Hux had fallen forward face-first onto the shelf. Likely in protest of the growing Resistance forces immediately to his left, as represented by the newly-arrived Ackbar.
YAK_Chewie wrote:Image

^ My local Walmart (STL area) finally put out the new aisle shipper today. Surpsrised this wasn't out before Christmas... and too bad the 3.75" stuff is all Wave One (I don't understand why Hasbro doesn't use a chance like this more often to get newer waves out).

At least the TBS stuff isn't Wave One.


Can't remember the last time I saw that much merch in one place.
I got a Jaina Solo and 2 heavy blade praetorians today. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Bout crapped when i saw a jaina just laying there.

I got a black series At-ST for $22 too at Ross. Not really into 1:18 anymore but I wanted it to give it the movie prop treatment.
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