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I really got disgusted with Walmart.com over the Kylo Ren Exclusive. I bit the bullet and order one form Ebay from Taiwan for 54 bucks and ordered a second from BBTS. Walmart really screwed the pooch on this release. I opened one of them this is the best Kylo Ren I have ever seen. I like this one better then the basic release. The base really fits on to Snoke's throne very well. It doesn't attach to it but fits in there like a puzzle.
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Places around here have been restocked with TFA all over again.

I know! But I don't think it's restock here. Just left overs from last year. I'd love to find the Praetorian
Nabbed the Guardians of Evil four-pack from GameStop. Having another Royal Guard is great, and I really, really like the Praetorian with the dual hand weapons. Not sure about the other two so I'm sellin' 'em on eBay (or I'll sell/trade to anyone on here or over on Rebelscum, first come first serve and all). The thing set me back like $85 but it was worth it just for those two figures. Yes, I'm a very wasteful spender.

Over at Walmart, true to what my friend Jim, an employee there, told me, they restocked the exclusive 3.75" stuff so I nabbed a Ponda Boba, Prototype Armor Boba Fett and a Tusken Raider. Now I just need the VC Dr. Evazan and Ponda can have his drinkin' buddy.
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^ Down to $24.99 at TRU... which is a really good price for this set.


The Creite Rey is a good set. Same with the Luke with the Ach-to Stand. Oh, if anyone is looking for wave 2 of the 40th Anniversary 6 inch keep checking TRU. I found a full set last Friday same including the Stormtrooper, The Sandpoeple and Chewbacca. Yesterday I went to TRU after work at like 4:30 PM and found the remains of another case. What was amazing was I scored another Stormtrooper for a local collector. so they are out there.
I bought Poe today for $5. I almost picked up another Kylo to make Bacta Band-aid (TM) badass Master of Ren, but I wasn't feeling up to it. If I come across another one, maybe the Force will be stronger.

I should have taken a picture, but for $5, you can buy a lot of Jyn Ersos and Cassian Andors!
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